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Faere Warrior: Passion's Price Pt 7

Leevander rescued his warrior from the clutches of the slayer, and translated him to Faery.  On the brink of war, the loss of their human warrior may cost them the battle to their Unseelie brethren.  Is hope lost?  Will Keegan survive the attack?  Will he be forever damaged from the Dark Fae blood coursing through his veins?  The last time a human was infected with Unseelie blood, the corrupted mad man nearly destroyed an entire race of humans.

Faere Warrior:
Passion's Price Pt 7
The Faerie Court
Ellie Mack 

Leevander handed Keegan off to one of their house servants. He didn't touch Keegan, but rather "floated" him to the ornate bed chamber draped in diaphanous silks. Two female servants quickly moved, to attend his needs.

Urias smirked, the way they fawned over the human was pathetic. The Fae were a proud noble race.  Well, he had been before he had been trapped on earth; imprisoned by a group of humans, tortured and tormented by a female slayer that was bound to the Dark Prince. Leevander had rescued him two centuries ago in human time, and Urias had served him ever since.

"Urias, I need you to accompany me to the queen."  Leevander stripped from his clothing and donned his regal  prince's robe.  Requesting court time with his mother was no small matter, but this was urgent. He motioned Urias to follow as he moved quickly in long loping strides toward the main hall.

"Do you remember the woman slayer who held you in irons?"

A low growl at the back of his throat, Urias replied, "Of course.  I shall never forget her."

Leevander stopped, turning towards his servant. "Can you project me an image?"

Urias quickly threw an image on the white marble wall in front of them.

"Remove the anger and malice from her expressions."

Urias rolled his eyes, then rolled his shoulders.  He'd have to work at that. It had been one of his defenses to make her angry and malicious, when in fact she had slowly seduced him, tricked him in the very way of the Fae to entrapment.  There was nothing more shameful for him than to be tricked by a human woman.  He calmly motioned towards his projection, removing the harsh lines from her features.

Leevander gasped.  "Look at your projection Urias,  is that accurate?"

Urias opened his eyes to view his projection.  She had been beautiful. He felt the physical desire he felt for her so many years ago. He remembered the nights of passion they had shared and he hardened. It had been a week of pure pleasure before she tricked him into the iron cuffs.  As soon as the cuffs were fastened on his ankles and wrists, he knew.

He was forced to watch his female serve her true master, the Dark Prince. Watched him beat her, punish her, then bring her to orgasm multiple times in front of him. At one point, her lips were on him, her beautiful mouth taking him deep into her throat like no human or Fae ever had, while the Dark Prince was pounding into her, sneering at Uriah, telling him he was no better than his pet that served him.
Urias dropped his head.  A meek "Yes, my lord, it is accurate. Painfully so."

Leevander took him by the shoulders,giving him a firm squeeze. "You've done well. No one faults you for giving into her charms, I've seen her. She seduced our warrior there." 

He motioned to where Keegan lay, helpless on the bed as the two women bathed his body tenderly with slow loving strokes. "Can you cast the same image for the queen?"

Urias nodded that he could.

"Combined with my image, this may be just the break we need to secure the pact once and for all."

         *                *             *              *

"Come forward Leevander." The queen motioned her son and his servant forward.  "What is so vitally important that you have interrupted my court?"

"Your majesty."  Leevander bowed low before the Queen. It was no trivial matter at all to disrupt her court, but he felt it necessary even if he had to bear the punishment.  "My apologies for the interruption.  I do believe this is important, if your majesty will allow me a few minutes of your time."

She shifted, consulting her current companion, Oban.  It irritated Leevander that his mother chose younger and younger lovers.  Oban was the same age as he was. Granted, the Fae didn't show their true age, but they were all well aware of the years. Oban pawed his mother's arm then snaked around her waist, then over her breast. She glanced up, seeing Leevander's disapproval.

"Do you disapprove of my current choice?"

"No, your majesty.  As queen it is your right to choose your suitor."

"Keep that in mind before you cast your glances in my direction.  It doesn't matter that you are my son, I will still punish you."

It was true.  She had never let a little thing like being her own children stop her from anything she chose. "Yes, your majesty."

"Enough of formality, come greet your mother with a proper kiss."
Leevander stepped forward, giving her a kiss on her cheek, and a hug.

As soon as Leevander stepped back, Oban lifted the queen from her chair and positioned her in his lap, while he traced lazy circles over her shoulders and down her breasts.

Leevander cleared his throat, looking away. "I have just come from the human realm where I had to rescue our warrior from poisoning."
"What does it matter to me whether he is poisoned?"  Her fingers now trailing over Oban's arm.

"Poisoned by Dark Fae blood." He turned back, leveling his eyes with hers.

"Do you have proof?  That is a lofty accusation."

"Mother, please.  Do you think I am fool enough to interrupt your,"  he motioned with his hands in a small circle, "Your court, if I didn't feel it was valid with valid proof?"

She sat up, squinting her eyes at her son. "Then you best be about producing it."

He recounted briefly Urias humiliation and had Urias project his vision.  "As you know, that was two human centuries ago. Now, allow me to convey the current situation."

As he relayed to her the proceedings, and gave a projection of the mormo, the queen gasped.

"I am not finished. It gets worse."  Leevander walked up and down the dais, conveying the events and how he found Keegan he cast multiple projections about the room for all to see.  The final projection was of Selena laid on the bed, appearing exactly the same as in Urias' projection.

"Even worse, my Queen is this final bit."  He showed his last projection as a movie, when he spoke the Faery tongue causing her glamour to fade and making her tattooed skin visible. Urias, is this not the same woman that served the Dark Prince before he was imprisoned?

Urias stood wide eyed, his mouth gaping.  He had thought her dead so many years ago.  Had hoped that she died horribly twisted.   "Yes, my lord, it is her.  Selena Mubarak.  She was the queen elect of the Egyptian empire."

Murmers broke out amongst the crowd. Whispers, gasps, and looks of terror in the eyes of his Fae brethren.

He approached his mother, the Queen within two steps. "I can destroy the momo, but the woman has been taking the elixir and wears the cuffs of Nuada, first king to our race, conqueror of the Firbolg."
Everyone bowed and said the chant respecting the name of their high king. "She is mind linked, and spiritually bound to him.  I read the runes tattooed upon her breasts, marking her as his bride.  He has managed to either escape, or project himself from within his prison.  When was the last time that anyone checked to see if it's really him in that cell, or if he's managed to escape and we actually hold one of the guards that's been glamoured?"

The Queen rose slowly.  She paced a few steps across the front of her throne.  She turned and dismissed Oban.  He pouted for a moment but her sharp dagger stares quickly urged him out of the room. She ordered the court dismissed and the high council to convene instantly.

She summoned two of her guards, sending one to retrieve the momo, the other to check the prison cell. She turned to Leevander.  "You and Urias will convey all to the council.  I forgive your intrusion this time as it is vital information. So what of our poisoned warrior?  Have we lost him?"

"NO, he is here.  I brought him here to my palace.  He is being bathed by my servants."

"How often have you given him a dose of elixir already?  We still have that matter of Sir Robert to contend with."

Sir Robert was Keegan's uncle.  He had been the first knight to be drafted by the Seelie into serving their needs. They had yet to fulfill their bargain with him.

"Three doses so far.  He isn't immortal, but longevity; I'd say he'll live three times his normal life with the current level. It wasn't enough to counter the green blood of the Momo's sting however.  I don't know if we can save him."

The Queen summoned her aid, and sent him to tend to Keegan. "Come.  We have much to attend."

Leevander and Urias followed the traditional six steps behind the queen as they moved to the council room. 

               *            *             *            *

Salena woke, stretching lazily, fully sated from the evening before with Keegan.  She had been surprised by the instant desire she had felt for him again. She was a little sad that he wasn't in her bed when she woke.  Another round or two would be a great way to start her day. 

His clothes lay strewn on the floor with hers, but there was no sign of him.  Surely he hadn't left naked.

Full of energy, she made her way to the bathroom. Wondering if Keegan had gone into the kitchen to prepare them a meal, she washed her face.  Opening her eyes for the first time, she gasped. 

The glamour spell had worn off.  Every rune, every glyph, every wrinkle stared back at her in the reflection.  Her course, aged hair little more than straw sticking out of a pruny ancient old woman.   

"OH gods!"   What if Keegan had caught a glimpse of her like this?  NO wonder he fled!  

Selena's blood curdling scream was heard by Siamm, but she was too weak to come to her aid.  Siamm tried to move and managed about two feet before collapsing. 

A black cloth fell over Siamm.  "Nasty little bugger aren't you?"
She was to weak to fight, too weak to defend her mistress, and too weak to cry out to Master. 

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  1. oOOh great story!! I hope Keegan doesn't turn into the dark fae!

    1. LOL, NO, he does't turn to the Dark side! rofl!! He's a McIntyre, sturdy Scot blood; but he will hae a battle.

  2. How will we wait a whole week more for the next installment?! ;)

    1. Really? Wow You totally made my day! Someone that's reading and anticipating! Thank you thank you thank you!