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The Game Part 2

Last Thursday we introduced a new author to the group, BAMonster.  This week is the second part to her first contribution,  The Game.  Please leave your comments and let us know what you think!

The Game Pt 2
Bomb or be Bombed

                Again and again pairs went in and either died or disappeared. Right as the twelfth group finished, the god smiled and pointed at me. Gulping, I felt myself float and the next thing I knew I was in the opening ready to run. ‘Oh God. I'm scared. Please god let me make it out of here alive.’ I prayed this over and over again.

                The man whom I was to run against had a mask like the one I had been standing with earlier, though that man had lost and went up in a red smoke. This mask was different. It covered the eyes and allowed his mouth to be seen. His silver teeth shown and I shivered at what he could do. This man looked like a cold –blooded killer.

                When the god said go, I slowly walked out waiting for the maze to change at any moment. I was about twenty meters when I saw the masked man though the other side of the glass. I jumped when he tapped on the glass to get my attention.

                He smiled then reached into his jacket. I tilted my head at this and started to back up. Before I could find my footing, I saw that the man had started to take something out of a ball.  Once that was done, he tossed it over the wall towards me. Startled, I stood still and watched as it rolled towards me. With its weird shape and the happy smile from the man from across the glass, I turned on my heels and sprinted away from the ball. Just as I started to turn, an explosion threw me forward, slamming me into a wall.  As quickly as my legs could go, I picked myself up and turned to face the mess. Glass fell everywhere and I could feel the edges slice into my bare legs, feet, and arms. Through the smoke, the masked man chuckled and crunched the ground as he advanced closer to me. Bursting with fear and adrenalin at facing my death, I crept to the left to try and find my escape. Though shards on the ground sliced into my feet, I kept my eyes on him and stepped lightly. His eyes saw and he grinned, thinking I was going to run.

                Do I? I asked myself. Or do I fight? I looked at the man again, thinking of a plan. If only I could get a bomb like he had before, then I might have an advantage.

                Making up my mind I decided to charge at him. Slippery with blood and glass underneath me it was slightly difficult, but I was able to shove him back some. Though, not enough. I thought to myself. Lashing out my leg, I aimed for his mask trying to cause some kind of damage. Turning, I aimed with my other leg with a pinwheel motion. He dodged and backed up, trying to not let me touch his mask. Stopping mid-way after a kick, I slammed my foot flat on to his chest pushing him over a half broken wall. Gritting his teeth, he lifted his knees and flipped himself backwards and tried to land on his feet but with the back of his legs hurt it was difficult. Rocking back and forth on my feet, I tried to mimic the pony-tail girl's movements when she had bounced.

                I watched the man as he settled into a comfortable position; he reached into his jacket again.  Thinking he was going to pull another ball with a pin; I jerked down, grabbed a few pieces of glass and chucked them at his reaching hand. Only it missed and hit him center below the collar bone. Gasping, I huffed which raised my temper. I missed! Damn it! I missed. Slinging more shards out of my hand, I aimed to stop the man from reaching any further with his hand.

                Grunting, the man had barely any time to reach up with his other hand to take out the first piece of glass when three more came at him. Slicing his cheek, I throw more glass pieces, wedging into his shoulder and his other leg.

                “Fuck it girl. Stop you prissy aiming!” he shouted at me. I gave up throwing and decided to cut him directly. Running towards him, I jumped the broken wall and narrowed the distance between us. Coming in low, I slapped his hands away and aimed for his chest. Over and over again, I stabbed. I just want to leave. I kept telling myself. Leave and live. After a couple of times I started to push harder into his body with the glass knife. Feeling the man's hand punch on me and pull my hair, just attempting to get me away from him and to make the stabbing stop.

                After what seemed like the hundredth stab I backed away and let the man fall amid the  scattered broken glass on the ground. I thought he was trying to hold the cut up chest of his, but I was wrong.  He dug into his jacket once more and pulled the pin, making the ticking start. Smiling, he fell to the floor bleeding, his eyes blank. Running up to grab the now ticking weapon I searched around to find the best choice for it. Even though I wanted the thing, I didn't know what to do with it.

                “Throw it high in the air, Lass!” I heard a rough accented voice yell at me from the center of the maze. Without thinking of disobeying, I did as he asked and shucked the ball in the air as far as I could then bolted in the other direction. I turned corners trying to find the exit, when I heard screams and running feet from the start of the maze then the large bang happened again, only this one was larger.

                Breathing heavy from running around with no sense of direction I stopped and looked back at the smoke seeping into the air at a fast rate. Coughing, I turned and tried to locate my escape route. Before I could get any farther, I felt myself rise up again and I appeared in front of the god.

                “Lovely job, girl.” He smirked as I watched people smoke up into red puffs all around us. Cringing I lowered my head. Aw crap. I could feel the impending doom rise upon me. “Since, it seems that none of you, actually want to race within my maze then lets just head off and let you kill each other off like boring gladiators.” He huffed like the idea wasn't fun at all. Waving his hands the maze was replaced by a glass dome that was empty except for the people inside.

                The ones left were the two skirt men, the pig-tail girl and some man in a white monk’s robe. I looked around and saw that everyone had somehow been ready to fight before they died because most were decked out in fighting gear. The skirt brothers had large swords that were almost the size of themselves plus daggers on their sides. The monk had a long spear and the girl had metal strings wrapped around her wrists and waist. Me on the other hand, was left in a pale pink sleeveless night gown with no protection at all, no weapons but my smooth hands. As I looked down at my hands, I noticed that they were not bleeding from gripping the glass earlier. As a matter of fact, I did not have any cuts on me at all from before. Not even my feet, which I checked. With this, I looked up confused to find the god in front of me.

My Choice

                “Now my dear, you get to go first.” I just gaped at him. I just got done fighting and you want be to go back and fight these warriors? I wasn't made for fighting!”  Sagging, I waited until he pointed to one of the skirt brothers, the nicer looking, without the scar.

                “State your name.” He told the man.

                “Niall Tromchuiseach of Clan Neil.” All I understood from his thick speech was that he was named Neal or Niall. But which ever, it didn't matter because I was going to die.

                “Your name girl.” The god smirked. Sighing, I reached up and grabbed a strand of my hair and started to tug on it.

                “Willow Regina Post.” I didn't look at him as I told the two men. They would be the last to know my name.

                “Alright then! Niall and Willow fight!” I just stood there when the god threw down his arm. I had already given up. I had no chance in the world to win this. Maybe I could with the small girl, but not with these trained men.

                As I waited, I saw that the man didn't move either. Well toward me, he didn't; though when he reached for his weapon, I flinched. Bringing up as much courage as I had,  I opened my mouth and pleaded to him.

                “Make this as painless as possible please. Quick and clean! That is all I ask.” He looked at me confused as he shoved his sword into the ground and crossed his arms.

                “ I will no' do that.” He told me as I could feel deep dread fall upon me.

                I'm going to be slaughtered.

                “Trick god,” the man started again, “I will no' kill a defenseless female.” The god raised his hand to stop him from speaking.

                “Are you saying you forfeit or are you saying to give her a weapon?”

                The question shook me. Was this large man actually willing to not hurt me, surely not? He just felt that the fight wasn't fair. That had to be it.

                “No, Brother do no' do this! One of us needs to live. Don't throw ye life away with no' a fight” This came from the other skirted man. The voice was that of the one that yelled to me inside the maze. Turning my eyes to him his stone-face seemed to be breaking.

                “But she is just a wee lass!” Nail shouted to him as he pointed to me. “She has yet to live a life.”

                How could they be like this? They don't know me. These men don't know what I was raised to be. Why these strangers would be fighting like this, over something so important’. From the decision I had been fighting at from the start of this game; I finally felt like the answer was within reach. ‘I should never have asked for a second chance at life. If that was the end and it wouldn't have killed any more people than me, then that's what I should have done; just me and no more.

                I blanked out at the brother's fight as the god got annoyed and yelled for them to stop.

                “Well” The god growled angrily. “What is it?” He turned to me and I knew I had the final say. “Girl, what is your choice?” The men stared at me both throwing mixed signals so I tried not to focus too much on them.

                “I'll forfeit.” I told them softly.

                “What? Speak louder.” The Trickster ordered.

                “I Forfeit.” I told them strongly.

                “What a waste of time.” The god mumbled as he pouted. His hand went up but just as it made a sound the stone-face man who said not to threw his dagger at my feet.

                “Take it...You’ll need it.” Nodding I quickly picked it up and held it to my chest.  Then with the feeling of blackness, I floated away.

                I won't beg for a second chance. I'll make my own.’ I told myself.

                The dirt started to fly at my closed eyes and I felt it hard to breathe through my nose with all the dust filling the air. Opening my eyes, I looked down to find the dagger closed within my tight grip.                 Once I get out of this, I'll find that stoned-faced man in the skirt and thank him. Even if I have to go to hell to find him; I will tell him his knife was not given in vain.

The End

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