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Faere Warrior: Passion's Price Conclusion

Fate and Karma are mere children compared to Fae sense of justice.  Meted out in rations against humans, or anyone that dares to interfere with their master plan, cruelty was first learned at the hand of the Fae by human kind.  The Great agreement was not made to protect humans, but insure their eventual victory.
Faere Warrior: Passion's Price
Ellie Mack
Chapter 9

            Queen Aeswitha stood to announce her final decision.  It had taken 20 minutes of deliberation by the council to come to a unanimous decision.  Twenty minutes in Faery, translated to weeks in the human realm.

“The creature mormo, known as Siann shall be cast in prison, and questioned for any information we may obtain pertaining to Prince Brogann.”  She banged her scepter on the marble tile.

“As to the Guardian of the clan McIntyre, Keegan Alistaire McIntyre, currently at warrior status, shall be administered a half dose of elixir to preserve his life.  If however, he turns to our dark Fae brethren as a result of the poisoning, he shall be hunted and killed with the Spear of Luhn.”  She banged her scepter once more.

“Guards shall be doubled at our prison, and wards shall be increased to hold Prince Brogann.  He remains within bodily.”  She hesitated, choosing not to speak any further information about his condition, then tapped her scepter.

“Finally, the slayer known as Selena Mubarak shall be stripped of the cuffs, which are the cuffs of Nuada, first king to our race, conqueror of the Firbolg. She shall be destroyed by the spear of Luhn, bound by blood runes to Prince Brogann as wife and concubine; as such guilty of treason to the Fae High court.”  She tapped her scepter once more.  “The cuffs shall be brought to Faery, and remain in the treasury until the time when our contract ends.”

“These edicts shall be executed this day.”

            The Queen sat in a slump.  It took a lot of her magic to make edicts.  By the power of her title every word she spoke while holding the scepter came to pass.  Leevander stepped forward, kissing his mother’s hand before he saw her laws carried out.



                         *                                *                                  *                                  *



            Siann was taken to the lower levels of the prison, those reserved for the lower caste Unseelie.   The guards questioned, extracting every bit of information they could before destroying the miserable wretched creature.  Siann had served Prince Brogann for twelve centuries, before that she had served King Vortigen.

            It was uncertain if they could have saved her, but the Seelie had little use for the grotesque castes of Unseelie.  With a perverse pleasure at seeing her torture, the Seelie Fae showed themselves to be no better than their darker brethren.  In many instances they were often more cruel. The guards laughed, watching as the pitiful creature writhed in agony for hours until death finally came.

            Leevander’s servant women were tending Keegan when the Queen’s aid arrived.    Their constant touching, bathing, caressing, and kissing; hoping that he would awaken so they could be pleasured by him, was brought to a swift halt. Examining the puncture wounds on his leg, the elder Fae made an incision, knowing that no scar would remain after the administration of the elixir.  Keegan was treated roughly, as a tool that had malfunctioned and could be easily replaced.  It was more expedient to fix the broken one than to replace it, luckily for Keegan.

Leevander carried the half dose of elixir.  It wouldn’t be enough to grant immortality, but the unnatural longevity went along with their service to the Fae.  Keegan’s longevity would just last a little longer than most, but not be granted the immortality that his Uncle Robert had.  Once Lee administered the elixir, Keegan began to stir.  The Fae women continued their caresses and ministrations. 

            Keegan woke quickly, aware of his arousal and the Fae women by his side.  He was also well aware of the addictive factor to Fae/human sex.  Some never recovered, some chose to stay in Faery as their toys.  The temptation was there;  sex like you’ve never experienced that would literally blow your mind.  Far more powerful than any illicit drug, Fae sex was never meant for humans.

             “Get me the fuck out of here! Of all places, why did you bring me here and how much of my life have you stolen now?”  He was furious.

            Keegan snapped out of his haze to see Leevander standing, arms crossed staring smugly at him. “What the hell?  What have you done to me you faery wanker?  Get me the fuck out of here! Of all places, why did you bring me here and how much of my life have you stolen now?”  He was furious.

            Lee chuckled.  “I saved your arse again.”  He spoke in the ancient Fae tongue to the women and they sulked away.  “Now if you’re ready to get off your lazy arse we’ve work to attend.”

            Keegan didn’t even argue, just sat up, raked his fingers through his hair and followed Lee without any argument.  When he translated back to his apartment; nearly four months had passed.  Time in Faery always passed slower than in the human realm.  Leevander had paid his rent, and dropped him from his classes.  Lee sat with Keegan and explained how things were with the momo. It was harder to convince him about Selena. 

            He froze mid sentence.  The portal had been opened. This time they were ready for the slayer.  He pushed the sword into Keegan’s hand as they transported to the portal beneath the Golden Gate Bridge.   The rocks crumbled away as dozens of imp-like creatures poured from the dark depths.  They barely advanced two before Keegan was upon them, sending them back. 

Lee spotted Selena coming around the far side of the bridge.  He motioned the guards who had made themselves invisible to hold her.   Keegan worked in his skilled dance, banishing the Unseelie in a seemingly effortless display.

            “Stop!  You’re not helping!  They’ll just come back.”  It was Selena.  Keegan turned towards her, seeing her struggling against the two Fae guards.

            “Well, well.  If it isn’t queen of the damned.  Oh, or is that queen Mubarak?  No wait, mistress of the dark.  Or how about  Mistress of Misery? Yeah that one fit’s. We’ll stick with that one, Mistress.” He took two long strides to stand in front of her. “I just want to know one thing.  Why Selena?”  His jaws clenched in anger. He slashed the sword, catching two straggling Unseelie in his peripheral vision.


            Selena struggled in the guards grasps.  “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She stilled, seeing the pain on his face.

            “Don’t play coy with me Salena, it’s unbecoming. Sicking that Unseelie creature on me? That was low.”  He wiped the sweat from his brow and flung it to the ground.  His burr thickening as he spoke. “Obviously you aren’t as innocent in matters as you’d want me to believe.  I just want to know one thing.  Did you decide to kill me yourself?  Or did your Master, Prince Brogann order you to do it?”

            “What? What are you talking about?  I never tried to kill you.”

            “It’s a little late to be tellin’ lies.  He turned and walked away from her a few steps then stopped.  “You know, it’s funny.  I thought I’d found a real treasure in you.  I thought I loved you.  I was obsessed night and day with seeing you again, and when I did you nearly killed me.”  He threw a stone into the bay. “Only to find out ye’re a back stabbing bitch working for the Dark Prince.  That’s rich.  Yeah the jokes on me, now isn’t it?  I hope you enjoyed your little game, ‘cause there won’t be a next time.”

            He stormed away, leaving Salena between the guards, letting Lee deal with her.  Lee took the cuffs first, then her Ankh pendant.  Lee spoke the ancient language, breaking her glamour spell. 

“Sher en hachth; du bien a’ nalle; nuchthreit  Sher doch im hath neyet, etren dub naucht.

            Keegan turned back, her glamour stripped.  She was covered in runic tattoos and glyphs.  Slowly her features were fading from beauty to a time ravaged hideous form.   Lee took the spear from the sheath and stabbed her in the heart. Keegan turned away at her screams and kept walking down the shore tossing rocks as the tears flowed unbidden,  a piece of his heart dying with her.

            Lee caught up with him some time later with a six pack. “It’s done.” 

            “Aye”  Keegan accepted one of the beers.  They sat on the rocks staring out over the bay in silence for some time.

            “Don’t suppose you’d be amused by older women jokes?”

            “That’d be right.” 

When the beers were gone they walked in silence back to the bridge to seal the portal.


                        *                                  *                                  *                                  *


            Brogann fell to the floor.  They thought to kill his beloved.  He couldn’t have that, all his plans all the suffering would be for naught.   He blocked out the stabbing pain he felt from their connection.  Every bit of effort he could muster, he projected himself to his faithful servant Slede.  Slede  was a were creature.  

            “I summon thee my servant Slede.”  Brogann cast his voice into Slede’s head, and Slede instantly transported into the cell. Brogann grabbed Slede, transforming his shape to resemble his own as he took Slede’s appearance. In the few seconds it took to make the transfer, the guard shuffled down the corridor to check on him.  Brogann translated to Salena.

            “What’s goin’ on in there?”  The guard shone the torch into the cell.

            “Get that fucking light out of my eyes or I’ll pull your arms out.” He turned in his chair, facing the cell wall, not allowing the guard to see his face.

            “Show yourself!”  The guard yelled, shoving the torch further into the cell.

            “Instantly Slede was on his feet, the irons on his ankles jerking him back inches from reaching the guard.

            The guard pulled back in terror.  Brogann was a tricky one, and deceptively calm most of the time. “I’ll bring your food.”  He hastily retreated up the stairs, confident that Brogann was safely restrained.


                        *                                  *                                  *                                  *


            As the sword pierced Salena’s side she screamed. Her glamour had been stripped.  They’d taken Keegan from her with lies and a setup.  Her eyes burned with hatred.  Brogann was the only one that had ever cared for her.

            In an instant a man was beside her, sending the guards flying.  He pulled the sword from her, simply touching it burned his hands.  Before it clanked to the ground, he translated Salena to his chambers. He stayed with her, nursing her along as long as his strength would allow before returning to his cell.

            Slede would have to tend to her needs. The hidden chambers at Petra provided a safe refuge for his bride, for his future queen.

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