Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Swingers Part 8

How will Colb recreate THIS for Sunday morning?
Part VIII: 
One plus one makes three.
Abyrne Mostyn
It took Colb several protracted minutes to figure out exactly how to put on his ‘outfit’. Finally having all the pieces in place, he turned to look in the mirror thinking that this look reeked of Sharilynne; she made no secret of liking her men in chains. Feeling a bit like Scrooge’s Marley every time he moved, the clinking of chain against chain was going to have him naked faster than normal, not that the whole of it was a bad look, rather bondage slave gone rogue. A cock ring attached at the base to a sac chain to hold it in place, that chain sliding around both sides before clipping together between his legs to form a single line that extended between the divide of him, then up along his spine to a thick collar. Inspecting that part he realized that fully erect that there was going to be a bit of resistance. Single chains coming off the front of the collar to wrist cuffs, it seems everything was connected. Slipping on the mask, gauging his appearance one last time, he snapped the key onto his wrist, tossed the locked bag onto the shelf, and stepped thru the door.
Glancing around the room as he pulled the door closed behind him he quickly found that not every male had the same restraints, some had far more and others far less hardware. In light of this, he was thankful to fall somewhere in the middle of the male bondage parade. Starting off to the left he made the rounds of the room, shaking hands, swapping air kisses and casual greetings to those he knew, introducing himself to those he didn’t. On the far side of the room, he found Regg in conversation with a curvy blonde. Regg was easy to spot in any guise, at six foot five he was easily the tallest in the room. The female he was talking to was reminiscent of Norma Jean save the azure eyes; her set in waist and generous hips and breasts helping him remember just how connected his chains were as he felt the pressure against his throat when chains shifted to accommodate his interest and pulled the collar tight.
Regg excused himself to refresh drinks, offering to bring one back for Colb as well. Not taking his eyes off hers, nodding his assent he shifted to give himself some air to converse before starting in.
“I don’t believe I’ve seen you before, are you new to the parties?”

Her ruby lips curving and bright eyes lighting up behind the copper colored mask she wore before she responded, 
“Yes, in a manner of speaking I am.”
Her giggle was soft, perhaps a nervous tick as she answered him. She glanced him up and down, well pleased at his obvious interest before meeting his eyes and continuing,
“Tell me, how involved are these parties then?”

Dragging his palm down his face over his mouth and to the collar, Colb thought she couldn’t be THAT new to this scene. Surely whomever brought her would have explained the formal and informal rules of this to her.
"Uhhhm, I daresay that depends on you. Pretty much whatever you seek can be found, or not. Do you understand the parameters of the party?"

“Oh indeed. I know exactly what I want. And I will have it too.”
Colb’s brows shot up in amusement and the corner of his mouth ticked at the definitive statement by the woman. His cock had other plans and shot up faster than the quiz bowl champion’s hand could to answer her desires. Swiveling his neck to loosen the grip and gather air, it was a tug of war between his heads to see who was master of the game tonight. So far, the baser of them was winning the contest.
“You do, do you? So let me in on the secret. What is it that you want this night?”
She leaned in, standing on tip toe and he leaned down so she could enumerate the things she wanted in hushed tones near his ear. His already volunteering member taking on a forged steel stiffness and weeping an opalescent tear as she snaked her hands around him, pulling up on the chain that cleaved his arse and pulled his parts tight. When she finished elaborating what she wanted, he stood up and thought a moment. Oh, he definitely could fulfill what she wanted, how much she wanted to take though; that was the question.
H olding up a finger, he excused himself a moment and went to help Regg who was juggling the three drinks. As he approached him, quirking a brow up to get his attention he mouthed ‘three-way’? The responding lop-sided grin and squinting smile of his eyes through the mask answer enough. They had done this before, long ago and it would be a good reunion for them. They returned to her, holding the frosted glass against a nipple that insisted on standing out from the beads as it was passed to her, and announced that they together would take her on if she was game. She nodded her assent enthusiastically and the lot was cast.
Finding a room along the upper west side corridor, they slipped inside and locked the door. The host would have a key if needs be, but they wanted no additional company. They moved to stand in an open area of the room, near but not too close to the large bed. Regg circled her several times stroking and pinching as he felt the need, while Colb stood off to the side watching. Regg lifted three strings of the beads over her head, twisting them around his fingers testing the strength. She wanted this so hard restraints would not be necessary, but the sensation of it was what he sought. These would work nicely. Stopping in front of her, motioning for her to raise her arms he slid the first string over and brought it down to rest at her waist before beginning to work it to lie closer to her skin.
“We will call you woman, and you will call us Sir. Do you understand?”


“Yes Sirs.”
“The end comes with the word, ‘No.’ Do you understand?”
“Yes Sir.”
“Say the word no.”
“No what?”
“No Sir.”
“The end is complete, and not negotiable. When you say ‘No’, we are done and you will return to the party below no questions, no changes. When you say ‘No’ there is no, ‘I wasn’t ready’, ‘I didn’t mean it.’, ‘Let me try again.’ No means no, and that is the end. Are you ready to begin?”
“Yes Sir."
Maggie trembled, the gooseflesh on her body standing up in anticipation. This was exactly what she wanted. Hell yes she was ready to begin. Regg took her left hand and walked around to the back of her, fashioning a wristlet of one of the two remaining strings of beads before reaching for the other hand and bringing it back to join the first. A few long moments later her hands were bound behind her back and tied somehow to the string of beads that he had encircled her waist with. Her breasts pulled up and out as her hands had gone back, Regg took his time with each of them twisting the strings of beads around the full erect nipples and squeezing them tight. Colb had moved to stand behind her; she could feel his breath on her shoulders and fought to keep her hands still and not reach back to touch the part of him that should be close. Her core clenched when Regg leaned in and bit down on her. He had gathered all of the remaining beads and crossing them over themselves, had dropped them over her head exposing her breasts fully to his hands and mouth. At the same time Colb had slipped his fingers into the side band of feathers holding up the G-string, pulling up to rub against delicate flesh before sliding the whole piece down, lifting one ankle then the other to remove it completely. Taking an ice cube from one of the glasses, Colb trailed the cube up the seam line of her leg taking it around the cheek of her arse, down the center and around the other. The sensation was sending her duck flesh into overdrive. A hand coming down quickly and hard against the chilled wet flesh of her arse making her realize that she had missed Regg’s command. Snapping her eyes to his, he again commanded,
“Open your mouth.”

Instead of ‘Yes, Sir.’ She simply complied. He used her own tongue to wet his fingers before returning to her breasts to roll and tweak the tight buds of one side while he suckled the other. Switching breasts, rewetting his fingers he continued his assault, winding her tighter. Colb stood behind her still teasing with the ice, moving anywhere he pleased running it along the cleft of her, down to the juncture of her thighs, around to the front and back; teasing her a long while before flicking against her thigh commanding, 
She adjusted herself to open her thighs without changing too much level that would cause Regg to shift as Colb continued to manually tease her flesh. Reaching around to the front he used yet another cube to slide up and down against her clit, his opposite hand fisting her hair pulling her head back, leaning in to whisper in her ear between biting her throat and shoulder. Changing hands, he palmed a large handful of ice returning to press that against the bundle of nerves at her cleft while stretching fingers back to find her core. Pulling back his free hand and letting it catch some air before landing cold and wet against the cheek of her arse, her hard gasp and the rush of wet against his fingers the answer to the question unspoken he repeated the motion and was rewarded again with a gush of liquid silk. Standing straight, still working the wet between her legs he tapped Regg’s shoulder and head flinched him toward the bed. Regg let go, went to the bed, and sat down still stroking his shaft as he watched them. Her body flushed as she watched him, a lovely color, and evidence of her arousal. Colb speared two fingers solidly up her core and banding an arm around her waist walked her to the bedside all the while sliding the ice back and forth against her.
Regg waited until Colb had her standing between his knees before reaching up and knotting her hair out of the way in the bands of beads about her throat. Pulling her forward with a finger under her chin he began his instructions,  “Suck...”

Maggie started to go to her knees but is stopped short when a hard open palm slap against her arse cheek brings her back in check.
“Let’s try again. Suck me. No teeth. Bend only at the waist. Do not lock your knees. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir.”
She stuttered trying to get into position and again felt Colb’s hand across her backside as she didn’t move fast enough, the stinging bite of his cold wet hand from behind preceding the hard jab of his fingers still deep in her core. He didn’t need a diagram to know that he was making her hotter and wetter with each spank. Bending only at the waist, just short of kneeling on the bedrail she began, Regg guiding her how he wanted her to do this. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow. She can feel the knot of his release on the tip of her tongue when she laves the down stroke, but he doesn’t release it, instead pushing her slower or holding her there longer, throwing his head back with each pull of her mouth as she crosses the crest at the tip.

Colb had kneeled behind her trying to vie for better position and with her unconscious resistance had spanked her several more times as she had shifted position trying to follow Regg’s directions. After several attempts to get her into the position he wants, Colb elected instead to change tactics. Taking a crop from the dresser drawer, he gave no warning and held nothing back when he let it loose across her arse. Her instant buck and jerking of her head up and off of Regg earning her another stinging strike.
“Can you follow the lead of two men, woman.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Do better.”

“Yes Sir.”

Her mind was reeling; she knew how to dominate, she knew how to sub; she had not subbed for two men at the same time in a while and was out of practice. Thinking wryly about what she had in fact gotten herself into. Calming her thoughts before she would snicker, she set back to Regg’s erection and tried to settle into a stance that Colb wanted, letting him shift her. He continued his physical assault, causing her womb to weep with each strike. The sting of crop and hand being exactly what she had asked for, she was certain that she was showing welts and could feel the warmth spreading as Colb kneaded and bit the marks he had made. She was settled into the sensations and had to fight not to jump when he grabbed her hips, tilting her slightly and drove home from behind her as he recovered quickly and resumed teasing her senses from front and aft with hands and ice while he bucked. With the tight friction against her clit and the intermittent spanking, she was in bliss and sensory overload, fighting to stay present in the moment and not be carried away.
She was on a down stroke with her mouth when several things happened simultaneously. She had not realized that the pressure against the button of nerves at her cleft was gone until there was a hard slap against her ass, and a firm pressure against the knot of her anus. She gasped and swallowed hard then heard Regg take a long hard inhale before speaking...
“Fuck Colb, what did you do? Do it again.”
The series was repeated after a brief pause, but this time the pressure against the second opening was more insistent, and wet. Again she swallowed Regg deep and was rewarded with his moaning and thrusting against her soft palate. She fought for control of her gag reflex as he continued to go deep. The grin on his face telling that her how much he liked this change, and that this would now continue; it did. Harder and harder the thrusts and spankings came. The pressure at her arse pushing constantly, and a wet sliding sensation as she was being made ready. She thought about saying ‘No’, not being one for anal, but the rest felt so good, she kept going, reaching for her own release knowing if she could hold out it would come. Several rounds of spankings later, she was accosted by a loud resounding smack across her arse cheek and a hard push against her anus.
She tried. She really did. She could not think how the muscle control worked and nothing happened except her teetering on breathy tears.
“Do you want to stop?”

“No Sir."

“Can you open for me?”

“I don’t know.”

“Then relax a moment.”

As soon as the command was given and she stopped tensing, stopped fighting for control over what she couldn’t decide if she wanted there was a soft ‘pop’ and she knew he was in. In with what she didn’t know, a finger she thought, but she could feel that he was in, the pressure intense and full. His other hand coming back around her hip, he put firm turning pressure against her clit and again she was warm and wet. As she relaxed into the wave that would take her higher, she felt him pushing in farther from behind and tried not to fight.

Regg reclaimed her mouth, taking her face and returning her to the task of his cock. She couldn’t believe he was still not ready to come. She let out a small cry when the precursor to her own release shook her first and a second finger breached her back door. Prodding and pulling, working more of whatever he was using to ease the way, she was completely at their mercy now.
At some silent signal from Colb, Regg took her head with both hands and held her, thrusting up deeply. The intense circles at her clit went into high drive and there was a heavy wetness across her arse as a large dollop of something was worked in and she was stretched wide. With the mad rush of so much she was not surprised when she felt a trickle of come running down her leg and her hips start to take on a small pulsing thrust, she was so close. Harder and faster they worked her and just when she was at the edge there was a hard application of the crop to her arse that nearly sent her completely over and probably would have except in that same flow of activity, Regg thrust up and held her in place while Colb withdrew from her core, thrust hard with his fingers from behind before a hasty withdraw and immediately seated his cock firmly in her anus. She nearly swallowed Regg whole with the sharp inhale at the abrupt change before he let her go.
Colb pulling her up slowly by the shoulders, Regg’s cock slipped from her lips and he helped ease her upright. Leaning in to bite her very sensitive, very erect nipples he shifted her leg and propped her foot on the bed rail. Sliding his hands between her legs, coming back with thick cream, he liberally coated his cock with it before arching his body to seat it and slamming up into her still wet and convulsing core. The position was awkward, but the sensation was beyond description.
Colb pushed, Regg pulled. Regg pushed, Colb pulled. In and out, back and forth she was on fire and walking the edge. Regg returning to play with her breasts and Colb reaching around to thumb her clit between pushes from Regg. She was fighting every bit of it, wanting not to come, not to finish. To be consumed by these two men in concert. The fight was short lived as Colb began thrusting harder from behind with his cock and turning faster with his hand. Regg leaning in, biting down on her nipple as he thrust up she was lost to the storm. A long building wail coming from her throat lasting for an endless few minutes as they continued their domination of her senses as she climaxed.
It was Colb, who managed to stop long enough to enquire quietly,  “Are you well?”
“Yes Sir.”
“Do you need anything?”

With a wry grin, she uttered only one word with a hoarse squeak, “More.”

Please check for more information on this and other stories by Abyrne or check out the facebook page. Thanks for following along for the last 8 weeks. ~Ab


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  3. Hate to see it end but what a hell of an ending!!!! Fantastic!