Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Faere Warrior: Passion's Price

Fae Court is a  process of posturing, deliberating, then occasionally viewing the facts before deciding on a verdict.  Anyone in opposition to the grand plan of the Seelie Court, will soon find themselves in danger.

Ignorance of the their laws do not excuse you from penalty.  Even if  their brand of justice seems slow in coming.

Chapter 8:  A Pound of Flesh
Ellie Mack



The Queen rose slowly. She paced a few steps across the front of her throne. She turned and dismissed Oban. He pouted for a moment, but her sharp, dagger-like stares quickly urged him out of the room. She ordered the court dismissed, and the high council to convene instantly.

She summoned two of her guards, sending one to retrieve the momo, the other to check the prison cell. She turned to Leevander. "You and Urias will convey all to the council. I forgive your intrusion this time, as it is vital information. What of our poisoned warrior? Have we lost him?"

"No, he is here; I brought him to my palace. He is being bathed by my servants." He smirked. Bathed was the least of the things the servant women were doing to Keegan. When he had left them, they had him stripped trying to bring him to consciousness by strategically placed kisses.

"How much elixir have you given him already? We still have that matter of Sir Robert to contend with."  Sir Robert was Keegan's uncle. He had been the first knight to be drafted by the Seelie into serving their needs. They had yet to fulfill their bargain with him.

"Three doses so far. He isn't immortal, but longevity; I'd say he'll live three times his normal life with the current level. It wasn't enough to counter the green blood of the Momo's sting, however. I don't know if we can save him."

The Queen summoned her aid, and sent him to tend to Keegan. "Come. We have much to attend."

Leevander and Urias followed the traditional six steps behind the queen as they moved to the council room.

                        *                                  *                                  *                                  *

Salena woke, stretching lazily, fully sated from the evening before with Keegan. She had been surprised by the instant desire she had felt for him. She was a little sad that he wasn't in her bed when she woke. Another round or two would be a great way to start her day.

His clothes lay strewn on the floor with hers, but there was no sign of him. Surely he hadn't left naked.

Full of energy, she made her way to the bathroom. Wondering if Keegan had gone into the kitchen to prepare them a meal, she washed her face. Opening her eyes for the first time, she gasped in horror.

The glamour spell had worn off. Every rune, every glyph, every wrinkle stared back from her reflection. Her course, aged hair was little more than straw sticking out of a pruny, ancient, old woman’s faces.

"Oh gods!"  She exclaimed, horrified at her visage. What if Keegan had caught a glimpse of her like this? No wonder he fled!

Selena's blood curdling scream was heard by Siamm, but Siann was too weak to come to her aid. Siann tried to move, managing about two feet before collapsing.

A black cloth fell over Siamm. "Nasty little bugger aren't you?"

She was too weak to fight, too weak to defend her mistress, and too weak to cry out to Master.  Excruciating pain shot through her as she was jostled into a black void. Weakly, she tried to cry out to Master, barely a whisper came out.  Her mouth was dry, parched; her throat inflamed, barely able to swallow.  Waves of nausea rolled over her, but there was nothing left to empty from her gut.  If death could come to an immortal, it would be welcomed.  

Faintly she heard her mistress calling her name.  She sounded panicked, but the sound moved further away.  It would have to wait until Siann had recovered.
Salena was frantic.  She emptied the drawers, gutting the closet searching for it.  Her energy was fading fast.  She screamed into the empty room, trying to remember where she’d put it.  She clutched her fingers into her hair, trying to remember where she’d put it. And handfuls of her hair fell to the floor. 
“Oh god, oh god, oh god, no!”  she collapsed to her knees.  She had to have the elixir! 
Suddenly she remembered.  It was in the kitchen cabinet, behind the spices in the ancient bottle.  Salena practically flung herself at the cabinet, knocking the contents to the floor as she pushed everything aside to get to her salvation.  Taking a big swig, she gasped in relief.  Instantly her skin plumped, filling the deep creases, her hair transforming from a dry straw-like texture to a smooth silken luxurious fall of dark locks.  Her eyes brightened, her cheeks plumped, her breasts lifted, her buttocks tightening.  She gasped at both the pleasure and the pain that the transformation caused.
Peeking into the small bottle, she noticed that there were only about six doses left. That should last her for another century at least.  By then the Great Contract would be ended and her lover and  master, her husband  Brogann, would rule with her by his side for the next age to come.
Not bothering to put things in order before she left, Salena dressed, then headed to her lectures.  Some private tutoring with Keegan seemed to be in order over the course of this semester.  She just prayed he hadn’t seen her in her true aged form.  If he had, well she’d have to use a memory wipe.  They were tricky things, but she couldn’t have him remembering her as an ancient old hag. Brogann had after all, ordered her to stay close to him. 

Next time he inquired as to how many humans she had given herself to the answer would be one, sparing her the punishment.  He never asked how many times. 

She adjusted her lipstick before exiting her office.  She'd put on quite a show today, vamping it up in front of the entire class.  she checked her low cut shirt making certain the proper amount of ceavage showed and that when she stretched, the lacy tops of her thigh highs would just peek out. A slow smile covered her face, Keegan wouldn't stand a chance against her seduction.

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