Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Swingers Part VII

How do you define Swinging? Can you swing solo? 

Part VII: All That Glitters
Abyrne Mostyn
Tangyr glanced about the modest room, slipped off her shoes and sat down on a small settee. The gold lame mask in her hand making her smile. It was not your everyday mask, what could it mean? The whorls and scroll work extending up from the area about the temples on the mask making it seem baroque or more than just an identity concealment. Fun.
She unzipped the bag she had been handed and now brought out the items with careful hands, inspecting each of the meager pieces. Upon first glance into the bag she had seen small shimmers of gold and had thought they were pasties. They weren’t. They were similar but something much more than a simple stick on. She wondered absently for a few moments if all the females would be adorned the same.
The first item she withdrew was elaborate gold lame and sequins, something of a paisley shape, but nothing as stodgy as a simple paisley. Reaching in she withdrew an identical, if opposite facing piece. Each one with a small O-ring clasp on the back that didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how they were affixed, or where. Next came out a scoop-looking piece, though it was more a quarter curve that seemed to be more flexible with a tail of feathers opposite the wide top. It too was gold, glitter and sequin. Someone had planned for the dismal March to be broken by quite a party. The clasp on this piece was significant and would be no small matter to attach. Already she trembled with excitement to try them on.
Deciding that the odd piece of the grouping might be easier if she didn’t have to fight with the matching ones, she slipped off her filmy slacks, thigh-highs and her favorite thong folding them carefully before setting them aside. Tangyr studied the piece for a few moments before she figured out it was a clit-clamp. Tricky thing about these types of clamps, you had to be erect to attach it. Excitement had gotten her part of the way, but she was nowhere near enough to the stubborn knot of nerves she would need to attach the piece and get it to stay.
Her own emerald green eyes stared back from the mirror on the wall. Sliding the mask into place she stared, becoming the voyeur and the victim of her own wandering hands. Long slender fingers trailed from knees to hips, around and between the globes of her arse and back to the front again before toying with the top line of the scream of dark curls. Twisting and furrowing, outlining and venturing to the midline and back she watched as she teased herself. Waiting for a short eternity before sliding one finger between the folds to check her progress, damp. Bringing that finger and another with it to her lips she wet them both before returning to the little button she hid at the cleft of her and began a slow pressure-ful turn.
Turning, pressing and turning some more she could feel the bud begin to wrap itself tighter. Feel the clench and unclench all the way through to her stomach. Feel the nipples that she hadn’t exposed tighten to small pebbles and become ultra-sensitive to the slide of her satin camisole. Dipping those same fingers back an inch and sliding up and down within her core, she was more than damp now, but now, she wanted it all. Watching avidly as the fingers came out again shiny and iridescent she changed directions of the turning against her clit, rubbing with a finger along each side of it and a pressure building between. She watched as her lips parted so she could pant, and her free hand scratched streaks up her thigh as she pushed herself higher. Watched as her own hand turned faster and faster, her hips begin to pulse in a rhythm they knew by heart, and her teeth come to bite down on her bottom lip to stifle the cry as she wet the inside of her thighs with the proof that she was ready.
Grabbing a few tissues from the table to wipe up some, she pinched the cross-clamp open and pulling back the labia that were still shiny with her release; she slid the opening over the angry pink bud and released it to grab hold. The immediate tension and pressure nearly had her releasing again. The piece designed to keep her on the edge, a pleasure and a torture all at the same time. The tail that seemed to plume and cover the essentials of her arse seeming very showgirl in her mind, but also something else she couldn’t quite put her finger on. Wasting no time as her nipples were still standing up for attention, she slipped from her blouse and camisole, rolling the tight tips against her open palms before squeezing the O-rings open and attaching the pieces with the paisley points up and out. The pinching not comfortable, but not uncomfortable either, instead something like a constant biting feeling and again her core wept. This night would be a wet one.
Sliding on the nude slippers, she took off all her jewelry, put her accoutrements in the bag, zipped it closed, locked it, and slid the key band onto her wrist. Setting the bag aside to a shelf with the others, she took one last look in the mirror before opening the door and entering a festival in full swing. Smiling as she recognized Carnival, she hummed as she walked. Making her way to the far table for a drink and to see what was on the menu she stopped abruptly when someone gave a soft tug on the feathers of her tail. The sensation shot an electric current through her clit, up thru her stomach, and nearly had her moaning. Having taken her release before she entered just moments ago, everything was still hyper-sensitive. Turning, she found a tall leggy blonde with honey eyes watching her intently from behind her cerulean mask. The woman pointing to the scratch marks up her own thigh before motioning to Tangyr’s.
“You too?” was all she said. Tangyr’s soft shrug and giggle the only response she could muster as she nodded. The blonde circled her like a lion measuring a quarry, standing behind her, inhaling deeply as she tugged the feathers again just enough to make Tangyr’s knees go weak before she leaned in to whisper in her ear;
“Work the room, have a drink but know this much...I will have you in my bed this night. If you taste as good as you smell right now, I’m not of a mind to share, but your choice. Two of us? Or three?”
Tangyr took all of three seconds to turn the tables on her, circling her as she stood still this time; before stopping behind her, pulling rhythmically and repeatedly on the feathers that controlled the clit, inhaling slowly watching the goose bumps rise on the blondes arms and back before whispering back;
“If you think you can handle me alone, I dare you to try.”

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  1. Such imagery. I could practically feel right along with Tangyr… What will part VIII bring??? I for one cannot wait!

    1. I hope I can meet the muster. LOL. One more week, can you believe we've near ended?

  2. Wow I think I may need another shower! I felt like I was there! Looking forward to the next part!

    1. another shower? Darlin how many have you had? *wg*

  3. Crap, your stories need to come with a warning. "READ ONLY AT NIGHT!" It's too early to be looking for a release. My favorite part, "If you think you can handle me alone, I dare you to try." I wanna try, lol. Tangyr is a woman after my own heart.

    You are such freak. I love it. Keep it coming. However, stay out of my dreams. You're going to get me in trouble, lol.

  4. OH MY! *gulps* Yep, a dip in the stream out back is sounding really good right about now!! That was HOT!!

  5. I'm surrounded by family... wth was i thinking?! >.<