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Instant Heat Part 1

                                                        Instant Heat Part 1

     Ever had a blind date that didn't turn out as you expected? That's what happens to Alyson when her friends set her up on a date. Who knew it would turn out even better than she thought?



             How she let herself get talked into a blind date she didn’t know. Alyson Morrison was picky; too picky according to her friends. After the first date she would always find something wrong with the male and refuse any more dates. Her friends were all happily married, engaged or in serious committed relationships. Therefore it was their duty to make sure she was also similarly happy.

            She glanced at her watch for the third time, noting that the minute it turned 7 she was out the door, even though the date was for 7. Right on the dot she looked up to see the waiter leading a tall dark haired man her way. She felt a zap of desire shoot through her as she took note of the broad width of his shoulders and the way his suit clung to his well-toned body. She had to admit, he was a lot better looking than the usual men that were sent her way.

            “Miss Morrison? My name is Drake Ashford. I believe that a mutual friend set us up, correct?” he asked when the woman showed no signs of speaking. An elegant brow lifted as he watched her visibly shake her head before raising her eyes to meet his.

            “Y-Yes I believe so,” she murmured, her eyes meeting his electric blue ones before glancing away. Drake’s lips tilted up in a small smirk as he took his seat.

            “Have you ordered anything to drink?” he asked. Alyson shook her head as she concentrated on not staring at him. Perhaps she should get out and get laid more often.

            Drake studied the woman carefully, his senses cataloging everything he saw. He could see why she had been recommended to him. So far she was everything he was looking for and he made a mental note to speak to Danielle about her. Desire stirred to life, invading every inch of his body and he knew that he would have her tonight.

            Alyson forced herself not to squirm underneath his gaze. She wanted him. She didn’t care about a second date or a relationship. She wanted him in her bed, tonight. She eyed him closely, realizing by the subtle tension within his frame that he obviously felt the same attraction that she did.

            “Do you really want to waste time here when there are more…pleasurable activities we could be engaging in?” he purred, his dark eyes gleaming. Alyson smirked as she leaned back in her chair.

            “You aren’t hungry?” she asked in a falsely innocent manner. Drake chuckled, the sound washing over Alyson and across her already heightened nerves.

            “Oh I’m hungry all right,” he murmured, his eyes once again devouring every inch of her. He could sense the increase in her heart rate and smell the sweet scent of her desire.

            “In that case why don’t we just skip dinner and head straight for dessert?” she whispered. Drake nodded as he stood and offered her his hand.

            “Your place…or mine?” he asked. Alyson took his hand, the feeling of his skin brushing against hers

            “Drake I don’t care where we go. I just want you inside me as soon as possible,” she stated bluntly. Drake’s lips turned up in a knowing smirk as he led her past the confused waiter and out of the restaurant.

            “I know just the place to go.”

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