Saturday, September 22, 2012

Instant Heat Part 4

Ever had a blind date that didn't turn out as you expected? That's what happens to Alyson when her friends set her up on a date. Who knew it would turn out even better than she thought?

            Alyson kissed her way down Drake’s muscular body, enjoying sensation of his warm skin against her lips. Her tongue traced along the muscles of his abdomen, smirking at the way they contracted and the way Drake’s body stiffened in anticipation. She knew he was waiting for her to attend to the one part of him that was begging for her attention but she couldn’t help teasing him. It was so rare that she got to enjoy being in power, even if only temporarily, and she was going to milk the situation for what it was worth.

            “Alyson if you don’t quit teasing I’m going to flip you and pin you to this bed!” Drake growled, his hands fisting in the sheets beneath him. Alyson laughed softly before finally moving down, the sensation sending another burst of desire through him.

            “Well since you asked so nicely…” she purred before bracing herself on his thighs. She lowered her head and ran her tongue slowly along the impressive piece of flesh that lay before her. The slightly salty taste lingered on her tongue, merely making her want more. She traced a tongue around the head, taking delight in the small groan and flinch from Drake before opening her mouth and slowly taking it in. She began to move her head up and down it, her tongue working against the warm rigid skin as her hands gripped his thighs.

            Drake let out a low almost feral sounding growl as he reached down and gently grasped her hair, his eyes falling closed. She was talented and nearly made him forget his own name as he struggled from simply holding her in place and thrusting into her mouth. As badly as he wanted to he needed to remember two things: she was in charge and he could hurt her badly if he wasn’t careful.

            Alyson closed her eyes as she established a rhythm, allowing everything else to fade but the feel of his cock sliding down her throat. She vaguely registered the feeling of his fingers tangling in her hair and gently tugging as she nipped, licked and sucked at him as if she was enjoying a lollipop. She would pause to allow him to slip free so she could trace her tongue along the head before sucking him back in again.

            She trailed her nails along his thighs, relishing in the feeling of the muscles quivering underneath her fingers. She draped herself over his legs as she felt his hips rock slightly, unable to remain still any longer. Her hands gripped his hips, her hair falling down to frame her face as she allowed him to set the pace. She felt his fingers tighten in her hair, felt his legs trembling as he struggled to hold off his impending climax.

            “Fuck!” Drake hissed as he reached down and pushed Alyson’s head away gently, his whole body tense as he struggled to regain control. He heard her soft murmur of disapproval and despite everything smiled slightly as he caught sight of the petulant look on her face.

            “Don’t look at me like that Alyson. I don’t want the activities to end so soon,” he growled as he reached down and hauled her up gently until her body was lying on top of his. Tangling a hand back in her hair he claimed her mouth in a passionate kiss, holding her in place as he ruthlessly plundered the warm depths of her mouth. Not one to back down, Alyson immediately responded, wiggling against him in an attempt to distract him as she struggled for dominance. She heard him groan even as he released her hair and ran his hands down to gently grip her hips, holding her in place. She finally tore her mouth away from his and gazed down at him, her eyes seeming to glow with an eerie light as the sound of their pants filled the atmosphere.

            “I want you Drake…now!” she hissed as she managed to wriggle against him again, drawing a low warning growl as his hands tightened on her hips slightly. His lips curled up in a smirk as, without warning, he moved and Alyson found herself pinned beneath him on the bed, her hands being clasped above her head by his as he rolled his hips against her in a teasing manner.

            “What do you want from me right now Alyson?” he purred, his eyes gleaming as he leaned down and nipped at the junction where her neck and shoulder met, instantly soothing it with a soft sensuous lick of his tongue. Alyson squirmed, barely managing to halt the whine that threatened to spill forth from her lips. She wasn’t going to give in that easy no matter how badly she wanted him.

            “Oh I don’t know how about we go swimming!” she snapped as she arched slightly and Drake laughed as he repositioned her hands and settled himself down further on her, though he was careful to keep his weight distributed evenly.

            “Now Alyson there’s no need to get so…cranky,” he purred into her ear. His only response was a rather impressive snarl as she bucked up again, seeking to dislodge his hold on her wrists so she could take charge once again. He waited until she settled slightly before inserting a knee between her thighs and slowly inching them apart. He heard her breathing quicken as she tried to grind herself against the knee that had come to rest between her legs and he let out a low growl at the sight of her flushed face as she writhed beneath him.

            “All you have to do is tell me what you want,” he whispered into her ear, nipping at the top as his knee moved against her in an agonizingly slow teasing movement.

            “Never!” she hissed as she glared up at him with a fiery passion and stubbornness that nearly had him crumbling as his own body reminded him of its unfinished pleasure.

            “Oh I do like a challenge,” he growled as he nuzzled her ear, easing her legs further apart to settle between them. He immediately felt her arch up but his hands gripped her hips and held her still as he slid against her in a slow teasing manner that brought a strangled curse from her lips.

            “Still no?” he purred, rolling his hips seductively in a promise of what was to come as his cock slid against her, teasing her entrance before sliding up and away from the inviting warmth. She bit her lip and shook her head and he sighed. It was time to get serious then.

            He attacked her neck as he continued his movements, one hand sliding off her hips to reach between them. Sorting through the nest of curls he found what he was looking for and pressed down on it gently. Alyson gave a soft cry as she bucked against him, seeking to capture the one thing she wanted, the one thing that was slowly driving her out of her mind with need. Drake’s lips curved up in a wicked smile against her neck as he nipped and sucked at the skin and Alyson knew that he was aware of the effect he was having on her…asshole.

            “Just two little words is all it takes Alyson. I’ll make it so very good. You won’t even remember your own name when I’m through with you,” he whispered into her ear. He could feel her wavering and gave an extra little push on the tiny flesh beneath his finger and a slow teasing glide of the tip of him against her entrance and that was all it took to make her snap.

            “Yes Drake! Take me! Fuck me! Just quit fucking teasing!” she hissed as she arched up against him.

            “That’s all you had to say,” he growled before driving himself into her with one swift movement. Alyson cried out as she locked her legs around his waist, preventing him from pulling away should he have the desire. As he began to move something flared between them, something they hadn’t expected. It was something that alerted them to the fact that they were both hiding a very similar nature; a mating bond.

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