Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Faere Warrior: Passion's Price Pt 6

 A quick review.  Keegan McIntyre, a guardian in training for the Light Faery Court has met Salena Mubarak, a slayer.  Salena is bound to her master, and serves him above all else.  It's said that opposites attract,the chemistry between Keegan and Salena is off the charts but can it overcome their extreme differences?
  And what is with her blood sucking demonic cat?  It seems Selena's 'master' has spies all over.  Siann, Selena's Siamese protector has "stung" Keegan.
  The curse of the Fir-Bolg has forever kept the light and dark Fae apart, and now their mingled blood in both Siann and Keegan are having disastrous results.  Do you think Siann knew what she was doing?
  At least Keegan was able to cry out to Leevander, (Lee) before he passed out.  Let's see what our arrogant Fae prince is able to do for him.

Faere Warrior: Passion's Price Pt 6
Ellie Mack
     Leevander sifted into the marble surround of the bathroom still holding the woman's head that was worshipping him with her mouth. Except she didn't sift with him. "Fuck!"  Well so much for taking humans with him by touch.  He glanced over at Keegan's unconscious form and decided the fool could wait as he took matters into his own hands to finish. He'd have to go back and give the ginger that was worshipping him a mind spell. He grunted as he released onto the cold marble tile of the shower surround.  He shook himself, then sifted out briefly, returning with his clothes on. 
     Leevander could smell it instantly; Unseelie, his dark Fae brethren.  He moved to Keegan, part of the stench was coming from him.  He examined his body, and quickly found the puncture wounds in his leg. A greenish black liquid oozed from the wounds. "Hmm. What have you gotten yourself into this time, you worthless cunt?"  He took out a small medallion and placed it on Keegan's leg.  A brilliant blue light flashed, as steam rose from Keegan's flesh.
   Leevander waved a hand over Keegan to keep him unconscious while he worked.  The acrid smell of burning human flesh swirled up to his nose.  He never cared for the smell. His dark Fae brethren loved the smell, which is why when they set themselves up as deities for small cultures, they demanded burned offerings. The medallion would leave a small scar, but much better than having their warrior destroyed, and having to wait for the next generation. Like it or not, it was in the Fae's best interest to keep the Guardian alive and protected. 
   He could keep the side effects at bay, but what fun would there be in that?  Watching the puny human suffer was one of the few perks that Leevander enjoyed. As the healing medallion worked, he looked around at the room, sniffing the air. A stronger Unseelie presence was still here. His nostrils flared as he sensed the form on the bed, and another beyond the door. What had the fool gotten himself into?  Maybe he should leave the bugger for dead. Leevander stuffed the medallion into his pocket, and moved silently to the adjacent room.
   As he approached the bed, waves of Unseelie scent roiled off the form, yet human as well.  He stepped closer.  It was the woman from the bar that Keegan had left with the first night he'd arrived. She was a striking beauty, Egyptian blood. Long straight black hair,olive skin, deep brown eyes if he remembered correctly lay behind the closed lids, full luscious lips.  Leevander growled inside his throat.  She was indeed beautiful, but wreaked of Unseelie.
"Sher doch im hath neyet."  He spoke in his ancient language and instantly her smooth skin was transformed to a maze of intricate tattoos, enchanted runes,and a network of reddened veins that indicated she'd taken the elixir numerous times.
   It took a lot to make a Fae nervous, but Leevander's knees nearly buckled. This woman not only was a slayer, but bound to one of the three Dark Fae princes.  He could scent the royal house upon her once the glamour spell was broken.  He wondered how Keegan hadn't picked up the Unseelie scent on her?  Was he working with his enemy?  Was Keegan turning? Wouldn't he have seen the signs? Had she cast a glamour spell on him so he was blinded? 
   "Bloody hells!"  He glanced around, the scent of Unseelie trailing out the door.  Perhaps the woman had lured him here to seduce him while her Prince killed him and something went wrong with their plan.  The other scent though was not of the royal house, but of one of the lower caste seelie.  Cautiously he stepped towards the door,one slow step at a time. He sniffed the air.  There was a combination of Keegan's blood and Unseelie. What had gone on here? 
   A trail of smeared human blood and green unseelie led him to a small cavern behind the house. Lee motioned a vague light inside the cavern, and spied the creature laying there. A mormo!  The 'flying cat' shape shifting bloodsucker that often fed on small children.  What the bloody hell was it doing here?  It had obviously bitten Keegan with the trail of blood, but why?  Had it learned to manifest into human form? He slowly backed away, and silently moved indoors.  Whatever had happened, whatever was going on, it was in his best interest to protect his investment.
   He walked past to woman as she stirred, casting a sleep glamour over her.  She would remain unconscious for six hours at least. 
  Leevander knelt beside Keegan. His pulse had nearly returned to normal, and as much as he'd enjoy watching the fool wretch for hours, he'd have to reverse the effects to hide him in Faery for a time until he could figure this mess out. he lifted Keegan over his shoulder with ease, then translated them both.


  1. This one just keeps getting more and more intriguing, Ms. Mack! Love it! Can't wait until next time.

  2. Thank you! Glad you are enjoying the story.