Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Over the Air Affair

Wow, I'm not sure if either has anything to do with the other but the day I started writing this we began experiencing our January thaw!  Several days with temperatures below freezing had us all bundled up like fishermen in an ice shack, longing for a fireplace.  That's when inspiration struck and suddenly I am shedding layers.  Is it getting warm in here or is it just me? 

If you buy into that whole butterfly flaps it's wings in the Andes affecting the air current, which carries through to the tornadoes in the Midwest the two might be related.  I'll enjoying the warmth inside and outside now as well. I hope that my Valentine's offering warms you up!

Over The Air Affair
Ellie Mack

January 3, 2013

Aubrey fussed with her hair, constantly checking the time on her phone.  She checked her makeup, touching up her mascara and lippy.  Turning In front of the mirror, hoping he wouldn’t notice the breakout  on her forehead.  She thought she’d covered it fairly well, but decided she had enough time to check with Pris just to make sure.  Shoving  her makeup into the small bag she tossed it under the sink haphazardly. 

She dialed her friend.  “Pris, hey you got a few minutes to help me?  I want you to get on Skye and tell me if my makeup  and hair is OK.”  Walking briskly into the sitting area of her apartment, she sat on the edge of the sofa bent over her laptop, clicked on ‘Pris Mathes’ on her contact list and waited for her friend to answer.

“Hey girlfriend.”

“Hey!  So what do you think?"  She turned her head around this way and that.  "I look OK?  I don’t want him to think I haven’t slept since his plane left.”

“Pfft, well you haven’t have you? “  She leaned in to the screen checking Aubrey’s image. “Aside from slightly dark circles under your eyes I think you’ll be fine.”

“Really?  You’re not just saying that?”  She ran her fingers through her hair nervously.

“Bree, come on.  You’ve dated Derek for like . . . nine months now.  I think he knows what you look like.”

She exhaled loudly.  “I know, it’s just . . . well I miss him and I wanted to look my best for him.  All I’ve heard from his is two emails.”

“I’m sure they are keeping him plenty busy over there.  Company pays for him to fly to China, I’m sure they expect him to work while he is there.”

“Yeah I know.  Just miss him is all.  Honestly, before he left I thought he was going to break up with me.  He seemed distant somehow.  Like he wanted to break up but couldn't quite bring it up or was weighing it in his mind.  I've held back with him.  Oh Pris, he makes me crazy. ”  Aubrey looked up at the ceiling, "It's like he knows all my buttons to push and I turn into some nympho sex crazed person that I don't recognize and it kind of scares me - but I don't want him to stop.  Sex has never been so satisfying.  He's amazing."
Pris cleared her throat.  "TMI  Bree, TMI!  I mean I know you guys have sex and all, but seeing as I'm without a boyfriend for the foreseeable future, I don't want to hear about it.  Unless you plan to relive our college days as roommates.  One thing though sweetie, maybe sit in the floor, and not hunched over  your coffee table.  Maybe put your cushion in the floor like you do when you’re  writing.”

Aubrey immediately tossed the cushion in the floor and sat crossed leg, her back against the sofa. “Better? And if you're interested in coming over, " She twirled her hair coyly.  "I'd be happy to relive our roommate days.”

“I might take you up on that - maybe we can do a movie and some Chinese food this Friday.  Yes, much better angle and it even makes the dark circles not as obvious.  Really, you worry too much.  I don’t think he’s going to be all dolled up for you.  He’ll probably be tired, unshaven and pretty rough looking.”

Bree laughed nervously. “Yeah, you’re probably right but still.  Oh! I need to go, he’s calling me now.  Talk to you later.  Thank you!”

Aubrey closed the conversation with Pris, then clicked open the flashing call from Derek.  “Hi baby.”

“Bree”  He said it in a breathy whisper. “I’ve missed you.”

“Derek I’ve missed you too Hun.” He looked exhausted.  The dark circles under his eyes were quite obvious. “You doing OK?  You look really tired.”

“Ugh, that’s putting it mildly. “  He raked his fingers through his hair. “They expect a month’s worth of work to be done in two weeks.  The project is in a mess, they are behind schedule and I’ve had to be at the factory ten to twelve hours a day since Tuesday.”  He offered a weak smile, then sipped his tea.  “I wanted to  talk with you sooner, but I’m dependent  on the company for practically everything.”

“What’s it like over there?”  She suddenly seemed at a loss for words.  She wanted to be in his arms, snuggling close, letting him drift off to sleep.  He looked completely worn out.

“Honestly, all I’ve seen so far is the inside of a cab and the factory.  They put us in a small conference room for lunch and by the time I get back here to the hotel it’s late.  I’ve ordered room service every night.  Well, the hotel is nice.”  He lifted his tablet and sort of showed her a circular view of his room.  He stood and walked a bit.
“Get a load of this Bree.”  He showed her the bathroom.  A marble surround, walk in shower with a bench inside.  It was large enough to fit four or five people inside.  Then he brought the screen back around. “All I can think of when I shower is our last night together, in your shower. Loving you slowly, water cascading over us with you pressed against the wall.  God babe, I miss you.”

She blushed.  She had thought of their last night together and then the quickie in the kitchen before they left for the airport.  She had to be touching him even while he was driving.  “Derek, honey I miss you too.  I was thinking about us together in the shower just a little bit ago, when I showered.” 

“Yeah?  Did you, um touch yourself thinking about me?”  He leaned in with that sexy grin  spreading across his face.

She blushed, grinning. “Yes.”

“Oh you naughty girl you.   And here I’ve been abstinent for you.  Well, almost.  I made good use of the shower as well.”  He sat back down on the sofa, leaning back.  "So in all the time we've been together you've never even hinted that you might masturbate.  Been holding out on me.  I may have to spank you when I get home."  A wicked grin began to spread, with one corner of his mouth going up first then slowly the other followed.
“Yeah?”   She blushed grinning.  "You wouldn't."
"For holding out on me like that?  I most certainly will!  To think I could have watched you do that for me?   In front of me?  Damn babe, that's a huge turn on.  I may need another shower before I go to bed."
"Oh Derek, well I guess I have been holding out on you.  You're the best lover in the world honey."  She chewed her lip then raised her eyes slowly.  "And if you think spanking me night help,  you are welcomed to try.  Might have to tie me down as well."  Her hand went over her chest, her fingers tracing the edge of her shirt.
His breath caught and she could see him shift positions on the sofa.  "You are a wicked woman at heart aren't you babe?  Teasing me like that when I can't do anything from here?"
she sucked her bottom lip in, leaning in.  "Doing what honey?"  Placing her fingertip between her teeth, she leaned in giving him a cleavage shot but all he could think about was the way she slowly sucked her fingertip before lowering it. 
He swallowed hard.  "Yes, um I'll uh do that."  He shifted uncomfortably.   "Bree,  I want you so bad baby. You're driving me wild."
As she leaned back a bit, Derek could see her hard nipples against her thin cotton blouse.  He raked his hand over his face.  God he wanted her.  Wanted her beneath him feeling himself buried to the hilt inside of her, hearing that mewling sound she made.   If he stayed  up late they could perhaps try something new, but he knew how exhausted he felt.  He let out a sigh.  The supervisor expected him to finish this project and fix the problems  that had production stopped.  "Bree I,  I want to talk to you longer but I need to get some sleep here.  Can I call you again same time tomorrow?"
"Yes of course.  I wish you could talk longer, but I understand and you do look exhausted."
"I am,  trust me If I didn't feel so wiped I want to continue with you." 
She could hear the regret in his voice, and knew he wasn't lying. "Alright Derek,  you get some sleep.  I need to get ready to go to work anyway.  I love you."
"I'm sorry Bree, I'm just super tired. I love you too Bree." 
She touched her fingers to her lips then to the screen.  He did the same, then closed out the chat. 
Bree slumped back against the sofa.  She had not expected to get so aroused seeing Derek.  It was going to be a very long day.

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