Thursday, January 10, 2013

Passion of the Artisan Confectioner

Confection anyone? Check out our daily selection,but beware they are seductive! Give  a big, warm, welcome back to Ben Hannigan with his latest tryst.......

Passion of the Artisan Confectioner.

You, our client contacted us to craft a special custom selection of our wares.  You requested that the range follow several ideals and images and you gave us a series of adjectives to conform to. This is the first set of our designs, in the days following this packages arrival we will send a series of items, chocolates, candies, cigars, wine and other special creations from the mind of our designers.

The terms we were given can be summed up in the following terms:

The sensual erotic, the touch of a lover and the caress of someone who knows you utterly. The feel of their teeth against your neck, her pulse racing as she mewls, begging and pleading for your entering her. The pounding, scratching, biting, moaning, screaming as she drives you to your crescendo and release. Our aim is as always your desires fulfilled and to push not only your partner to the brink but yourself as well. Here in this package are the first four in our collection.

Ebony Passions

 A smooth, rich, dark explosion; it’s creamy, rich filling oozing and trickling down your throat as you suckle at the tip of the swirls. This cream flowing as you feel the taste of honey, coffee, and cream bursting across your tastebuds.

The Ménage et Trios

 The slightly spicy heat of Caribbean passions entwined with a rich, creamy, dutch white chocolate wrapping themselves around each other placing you in the centre of their passionate clinch as they both press themselves aggressively across your tongue. The chilli flaked dark chocolate is bold pounding and relentless in his plundering of your mouth his warmth thrusting  into your very soul as his partner takes a gentle exploration almost nibbling and licking across your centre. Her leaving an impression of feather-light kisses, an aching gentle release of bliss.

The Medieval Maiden

 This selection is dainty and elegant, poised, graceful yet there is a hard core behind her. Unwrapping her delicate Muslin and gossamer garments and you are greeted with a smooth creamy pale squiggle of cream, the light catching and glinting off her jewels of decadent sugar. Sliding into her evokes a contrast of sharp almost bitter salts and sugar blends leaving you feeling a princess dining on the best of the luxurious feasts from long past palaces. When she reaches her crescendo you are assailed with an explosion of honey from the depths of her body oozing trickling over and out of your tongue coating your lips in her release

The Reclusive Author.

 This piece was crafted especially for our special edition box. It is a limited edition, handmade on the orders of the commissioning artist. He is a complex, often confusing figure. His blend of a hard toffee sheathed in a rich caramal. He isn’t sweet or sour, he is this impossibly perfect blend of both.  His outer crust of salt protective and challenging, but when you persevere, hard long sucking, you are rewarded with his inner sweetness and a final earth-shattering release of hot sherbet fizzing into you, his whiteness leaking over your chin.


The Artisan Chocolatier.

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