Thursday, January 17, 2013

Of Crystal Glasses and Rich Red Velvet

The Artisan confectioner is at it again.  Ben Hannigan gives you his second installment to make your Valentine's Day steamier than ever.

When you came home from work there was a package waiting; impossibly black paper surrounding a box. Inside there was as usual a small card and two bottles. One small, barely a glass worth and the second was a large wine bottle. As before, a sample and the prize.


Each was identical in the shape and the label. Gently slicing open the note you see,


“This Wine, like our chocolate was selected by our team based both on the terms we were sent and the meal you have selected for your evening. Now To the wine itself; open your sample and relax as you study the bottle. We at Artisan hope it meets your approval.”


You sit curled up in your nightdress, sitting in the leather chair you adore so much with the glass in your hand as you stare at the bottle and the descriptive notes of style and tasting on the back.


“From the shape of this bottle, the slow swelling of a curve and the delicate adornment’s of label and band, this Wine aims to mimic the love of a good woman; delicate jewels not obstructing the luscious curves and the lines. Once poured, she is a rich, deep, mysterious red with scents of honey, cream, nutmeg and the slow heady smoke of the lightly charred oak cask.


Upon taking your first sip, you will be transported to the land of her birth, slowly sinking to a pool of bliss, the feel of her sliding into your mouth almost the gentle probing tongue of a lover, slowly she moves through you, around you, over you. This sensation of warmth engulfing all of you. The hot, wet warmth of her, that delicious tang of sharpness warning of her powers of seduction and befuddling the senses. She moves from toe to foot up your thigh until she reaches your centre, demanding yet gentle she is slow delicate, bursting in you a small giddy, heady explosion of flavours, of everything in her scent and more, this is our gift to you that will be a gift to share with your lover."




The Artisan

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