Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Over the Air Affair Pt 2

For my fans that were looking for this last week, my apologies.  That nasty, mean, flu bug had it's way with me, and then tossed me aside to recover.  But now that I'm back to my usual feisty self, here's part 2 of my Tantalyzing Trsyt's contribution.  

Over the Air Affair; Part 2
Ellie Mack

It was a typical day at work, mostly.  Aside from the fact that Bree couldn’t get Derek's  call  off her mind.  It was a brief conversation but it left her hot and horny.   He mentioned their last night together, the hot sex in the shower before they collapsed on the bed for round two then the quickie in the kitchen right before they left.   She hadn’t even bothered putting her panties back on in case he  might want another quickie in the airport garage. 

She thought hard about that day, recalling his mood.   She knew he was on the verge of breaking things off with her and knew it was her own fault.  She’d held back in their lovemaking but that last day  she let go of her inhibitions and allowed herself to react, to enjoy.  She’d been so incredibly aroused and aware that it may be the last time for a very long time she’d have sex if he did in fact break up with her. 

Now she was kicking herself for not being totally honest with him from the beginning.  At times  sex between them was almost mechanical, and certainly not satisfying for her.  Derek hadn’t slept over very often as he had to get up early in the mornings to get ready for work.  Over half the time she didn’t reach orgasm, and masturbated after he left.  She hated that, and knew that if she would just open up and relax with him it could be so much better.  But once things got started she reverted to her conservative behavior and didn’t know how to change their routine.  God, how she yearned for the hot sex she knew they could have if she would just relax. 

One Skype interaction and she could see that he was the playful man that she’d hoped.  He was obviously aroused by her teasing.  Up to now she always waited for him to make the first move, had reacted to his moves even if she was wanting to change positions or wanted him to go down on her, she just went with what he was doing.  When they were in the shower that last time, she knew it was now or never. 

She cared about him deeply.  She loved him beyond a shadow of a doubt and couldn’t imagine her life without him in it.  If letting him see the real her didn’t keep him happy then there was nothing more she could do.   She owed him that - the real honest her.  the passionate woman she wanted to be, but couldn't seem to show.  Things just had to work with Derek, she loved him so much it hurt. 

                                                       *                                   *                                       *

Derek tossed and turned, dreaming wild erotic dreams.  visions of Bree, leading to wild tantric sex.  It was hot , steamy.  She was open, responsive, hungry, practically insatiable for him.  He woke with a raging hard on.  He sat on the side of the bed, raking his fingers through his hair.  He  trudged the short distance into the bathroom, reached in and turned on the faucet.  He stroked, his hand curling over his throbbing cock replaying the dreams. 

Derek stepped into the shower, squeezing a liberal amount of the body scrub as he began to  wash himself, stroking harder.  Soon he was bucking wildly as his visions reached a crescendo, he exploded on the shower wall.  Hot thick ropey cum sliding down the marble tile.  He watched it for a few seconds before washing it off, embarrassed at the thought of housekeeping finding it.  He wanted Aubrey to open up to him.  He could feel that she held back.  Knew that there were depths of passion inside her. 

As he toweled off he thanked God that he hadn't broken it off with her.  He loved her dammit!  But was so frustrated.  He tried to please her, wanted her to tell him what she liked what she didn't.  she was responsive at times, but he knew she didn't orgasm.  He wondered what he was doing wrong.  He wanted sex to be something special between them,  something powerful, emotional.  He wanted to be the one to rock her world. 

He quickly dressed, heading to the dinette area on the main floor where the small group of men from Syman's gathered.  He raked his fingers through his hair as he spotted Andrea, the lone female engineer in the group.  She'd been hinting at getting some action for weeks.  She was the reason he considered breaking things off with Bree. 

"Hi Derek.  did you sleep well?  You look like you had a rough night?"  Her voice was like black silk - smooth, seductive, and dangerous.  She wore a silver grey form fitting sweater over black tailored trousers, Her long, thick, dark curls swaying lightly, brushing over the outer curve of her full breasts. 

He gulped.  It was going to be a long, long day.


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