Thursday, January 24, 2013

Special Deliver: The Artisan collection Pt 3

Are you enjoying this sinfully delicious treat by our own artisan Ben Hannigan?  He certainly has a way of wetting my appetite.  Don't forget to sign up for our Valentine's Day giveaway!

Now, let's see what the artisan is up to today!
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Special Delivery

Today when you rushed home you saw as you expected, a package from the artisan.  For you now at this time, it had become a game, a courtship of sorts. You give him a request for an item and wait, he returns days later with a delivery.

Gently as to slow the moment you tug the bow, the package unravels itself, the elegant bow sliding apart with lace and satin almost sinfully like the opening of some secret delicate flower. Even opening his gifts sent shivers of desire through you.

In this package there was no note, no description other than a single word “touch”.

 Closing your eyes you remove the first garment, a pair of almost sheer stockings, silk and soft, slowly sliding up your milk white legs to your thighs, due to the resting place of the package, each thigh being sucked and engulfed by an eager wet soft mouth.

The next a garter, lace and ribbon which you tie across your thighs.

The next a camisole which again, slick, silk, sliding over soft skin, the material engulfing your sensitive figure with this eager sucking warmth. Your nipple teased into stiff peaks by the contact and as you tighten the last ribbon you realise there is something very special. The internal nipple clamp that you have pulled tight gripping teasing and driving you into desperate whimpering shudders.  But you press on.  You can’t stop.  You wont stop.  You must, but you mustn’t.

The last item, figure hugging hipster cut underwear, sliding fast and hot up the silk and slipped on without thinking, causing you to cry out in shock and delicious pleasure.  The inside of the panties feeling hot, tingling and teasing as you feel and fumble for the box you read the label warning that the panties are impregnated with a serum that upon body contact release a cream to tingle and tease you. Wet and aching with need you follow the instructions finding the ribbon leading from each nipple and tying them as instructed to the small nub in the panties.  As soon as the knot pulls true you realise the terrible magnificent truth. The clamp opening to grip the clit as you can’t and won’t stop this, this sensual, sexual torment. The clamp gripping not hard but not soft and each time you writhe and rock, it’s tugging upon your nipples, which tugs your clit and leaves you tremoring, shaking, mewling, screaming in a puddle of passion and bliss.  
Alone in your armchair recovering from an orgasm brought about from a shadow of a partner, known only by their title and the signature.



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