Friday, January 4, 2013

Cupid's Arrow

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Cupid’s Arrow

Part One

Caleb stood beside his boss. His arms folded over his chest. He slumped slightly toward the right to listen to the smaller man. This was not going to be a job he enjoyed, he could tell that just by looking at the woman.

“That is Nora Landow.” The smaller man spoke. “She is the big wig at Landow Records. It’s what got us here to begin with.”

 “Let me guess. She turned her back on love for money.” Caleb snorted. He straightened up when his boss just looked at him. “A woman gave up love for money?”

“Oh yes, it does happen from time to time. However, it wasn’t her idea alone. She was due to marry a…” He flipped a page on his clipboard. “Jesse McCallister, but he didn’t make enough money to impress the Landow clan.”

“And I’m supposed to…look if she rejected a good guy for money what makes you think I can make her fall in love again?”

“It’s your job to make sure she does.” His boss sneered at him. “You were just like her. That is what got you into this mess to begin with.”

“Fine, I will shoot her in the ass right now and we can get out of here.” Caleb moved sliding his bow from around his chest. He pulled an arrow out from the quiver.

“Caleb, you have to wait for the ri…” His boss’ words died on a pfft as the arrow was sent sailing into the air.

“Joshua, I asked you to have that contract on my desk by noon. What are you looking at?” Nora grumbled, as she moved around the desk to see what Joshua was looking at.

The air whooshed past before imbedding itself in a wooden door. It vibrated from the contact for a moment, before disappearing in a puff of smoke.

Nora’s head lifted up as she looked around. She’d felt a slight breeze, but it had dissipated as quickly as it had come. Her brow furrowed. Nora shook her head before leaving Joshua’s desk area.

“Stop focusing on that video. I will find the real talent. You stick to what you do best, and write up that contract.” Nora huffed. “You have one hour.” She turned on her heel, heading for her office. A resounding slam of a wood door in a metal frame echoed in the room.

Caleb stood there growling. His teeth bore, and his face slightly red. He didn’t want to be cupid. There wasn’t anything wrong with the way this Nora chick was handling her life. He felt like his mother meddling in her affairs.

“Not so easy, huh?” The boss said smugly. Caleb just glared at him. “The man that will be her one true love isn’t even in her life yet. Your job will be to get their paths to cross, and then help love along.” He grinned up at Caleb.

“I am not playing match maker.” Caleb barked.

“Here is the information on the man. Her information as well, so you can keep track of her. Once you have that accomplished then return, and we will see how it went.” The boss handed him the packets of information. Caleb balled the center of it up into his hands. He waved it in front of the smaller man’s face, but in a flash, he was gone.

Caleb growled again. He lifted the papers up to his face. The only way he was going to make it through this job in a hurry was to figure out how to get these two together fast.

He felt the breeze as someone passed by him. Caleb lowered the papers only to catch the back of the Prada heel as it slid out of view. He folded the papers as he ran after Nora, tucking them into his pocket.

She was waiting impatiently for the elevator. He snickered knowing no matter how many times people pushed the buttons it didn’t make the elevator move faster. He’d been guilty of that himself a time or two.

Caleb darted into the elevator just as the doors were about to close. He’d jammed himself up on the hand rail so he could see Nora over the group of people. Being invisible had its benefits, but this was not one of them. He let everyone else exit before following her out.

Nora slipped out of the building. Her heels clicked on the concrete sidewalk. The place was a mixture of smells from the various food carts. You couldn’t even think around the noise. She stopped at one of the magazine stands.

Caleb could see his opportunity to shoot her and get out of there. He lifted his bow and arrow again. It slid from between his fingers. The target so close there was no way he could miss.

“Oh, I’ll take a pretzel with cheese sauce.” Nora called moving for the food cart behind her. She now carried a bag. The arrow bounced in the wood frame of the magazine shelf. He’d missed again.

Caleb stomped his foot. His eyes narrowed on Nora. She was going to be the death of him. He followed her to the next stop, but three more arrows went to waste. The angrier he got, the more rapid he fired the arrows trying to hit her.

Caleb followed her for the rest of the day, but everything he tried missed. He grumbled as he settled onto the fire escape stairs to watch Nora.

She was getting ready for bed. Her bedroom door almost completely closed. The temptation to move into the room to watch existed. It would be so easy since she couldn’t see him. He knew if he did it would be three more months tacked onto his punishment, and that wasn’t something he was willing to do.

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