Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Woman's Intuition

To my lover’s arms I race
Anxious to be held in his embrace.
My heart resounding, pulse is pounding,
His arms close we are nose to nose.
Breath abates, his taste awaits
As our lips dance the lover’s song.
Sliding wetness leaves me breathless
A kiss of passion his usual fashion
Our fingers lace and I see
His expressionless face.
My mind is reeling conflicting feelings
Trying to figure what is wrong.
Deceptive lies behind his eyes
Another’s scent  upon  him present.
I pull away  I cannot stay
Such pain within my shattered heart.
 He pulls me back,  I haven’t the knack
To pretend or to deceive.
I am betrayed  my heart is flayed
His actions never gave him away.
How did I know? “Babe, I love you so.”
I trusted his words and believed  the show.
I feel the truth beneath the lies
The flickering flame quickly dies.
My mind is spinning, emotions warring
Betrayed and bleeding I leave.

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