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Cupid's Arrow Part Three

Welcome back my Tryst readers. I hope January is finding you all well. As the month grows colder here, it’s time to heat things up with the next part to Cupid’s Arrow. ~ © Misty Harvey 2013

Cupid’s Arrow

Part Three

Caleb sighed as he stared at his reflection in the small bathroom mirror. Hotel lighting sucked, he made the mental note as he reexamined his face to make sure he’d shaved everywhere. He adjusted the blue silk tie around his neck.

He was no longer playing Mr. Nice Cupid with Nora. If he had to personally ram the damn arrow into her ass cheek, so help him that is what he was going to do. Caleb wanted releasing from this personal Hell.

He pressed the invisible wrinkles out of the brand new suit. A final once over deemed him as ready as he was going to get. Now it was time to introduce himself to the woman of the hour.

Caleb ran over his story on why he wished to meet with Nora while he waited for the town car to arrive. He was almost sure he’d made the story as plausible as it would ever be. Caleb slid from the town car as it pulled to the curb.

He was going to meet Nora for dinner at the local Italian restaurant. He’d arranged it with her secretary. Caleb had informed the woman that he was an old family friend’s son.

He entered the restaurant, adjusting his tie. The host just stared at him. Caleb looked around at the dim lighting. This was definitely the place to do it. The lighting would be poor enough she’d never see it coming.

He gave the Matradee his name. The haughty man looked over the guest list on the podium. He flipped pages back and forth as if the restaurant was too busy for the likes of Caleb Bitton.

“I’m sorry, but your name is not on the list.” The man looked down his nose at Caleb. Caleb thought about punching him square in the bulbous beak he kept held so high. He doubted the man would seem so superior if he whistled every time he exhaled. That brought a smug smile to Caleb’s face.

“Actually it is.” Caleb pointed to his name on the list. “See, you just missed it.” The man huffed and puffed out his chest.

“I do not miss names.” He looked at the name. No apologies uttered. He just picked up a menu and started through the seating area. Caleb smiled as he followed the man. He always loved getting a good rise out of those that thought they were above him. The Matradee set the menu down on one side of the table. He clapped his hands and a waiter came running.

“You can remove the second seating.” The haughty man told the worker. Caleb put his hand on the waiter’s arm.

“Again, no.” Caleb tried a smile at the poor man who looked miserable working with the Matradee. “I’m expecting a young woman. She is running behind as most women do.” He tucked his tie against his body before sitting. The waiter hurried off to avoid the repercussions from his boss.

“Sure you are.” The Matradee snorted. He turned on his heel heading back to the podium. Caleb carefully laid the napkin in his lap. He lifted up the wine selection to peruse the menu.      

It wasn’t long before the Matradee returned. He held out the chair for Nora to take a seat. His demeanor changed now a beautiful woman was in his midst.

“Can I get you something to drink, Ms. Landow?” Caleb found it interesting that the Matradee knew who she was. The only thing he could figure is this was a regular eating spot for the woman.

“Oh, how about a bottle of my favorite?” Nora smiled at the man.

“Of course, coming right up.” The Matradee hurried off to take care of her order himself. Caleb’s eyebrow rose.

“Eat here often?” Caleb asked as he watched the woman. The soft light brought out vivid hues of color in her hair. A sparkle in her emerald green eyes caught his eye.

“Quite often, yes.” Nora smiled at Caleb. She tucked her own napkin in her lap. “You can’t imagine how delighted I was to hear that you were in town. It’s been so long since our families went out on the yacht. I do enjoy getting reconnected with old family friends.”

“I was afraid you’d be upset as I gave you no real notice I was coming in.” Caleb shifted in his seat. Nora shook her head, the curls in her hair bouncing lightly.

“Not at all, that would be absurd. Do you remember the time in the Keys the time we were throwing food?” She giggled behind her hand. “I thought for sure we’d get in so much trouble.” Caleb watched her face transform into that of a mischievous young girl. Her eyes twinkled more.

“I’m afraid not. We had so many adventures.” Caleb improvised with a smile. Nora shooed the waiter away after he’d poured their wine.

“Oh come on, you can’t be serious.” Her face lit from within. She lifted her wine glass taking a small sip. “I tried to hit you with the Eskimo pie, but you ducked and I got poor Edna.” Nora giggled, taking another sip.

“That is right.” Caleb chuckled as if he’d been a part of it the whole time. He took a drink of his own glass of wine. “We were quite the hellions back then.”

“Quite so.” Nora adjusted in her seat. She scooted the tight black dress down farther over her legs. “If you’ll excuse me I’m just going to freshen up real quick.” She set her napkin on the table. “If the waiter comes for our orders will you be a love and order me the Veal Picata?” Nora didn’t wait for an answer. She stood, causing Caleb to stand out of manners. Her long sleek legs disappeared around a corner.

He watched closely pulling out one of Cupid’s arrows. The soft tapping of the tip against the porcelain plates showed his nerves. Now was his time to make his move. Once she walked by the table he’d make his move. It wouldn’t even be noticeable to the other guests.

Caleb sat waiting for her return. Why women took so long to freshen up was beyond him. It wasn’t like just entering the restaurant cause them to be in a complete disarray. He sighed, checking his watch.

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