Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Clubbing Nights

Clubbing Nights
By Eva Rayne

I hadn’t been sitting at the bar in the noisy club for very long when a tall, dark haired man walked up to me. 
“You’re too pretty to be here by yourself, darlin’,” he spoke, his words smooth as is coated with honey, even if they were cliché and made me want to laugh, “Are you here alone?” he asked when I just shook my head and didn’t respond.
“Yeah, I am,” I admitted, bringing my drink to my lips. The alcohol warmed my blood even if I hadn’t begun to feel its effect yet.
“Well then I think I’m going to have to fix that,” he finished what was left of his beer and set down hard on the counter. “Let’s dance,” he said reaching for my hand, I could smell the booze on his breath. I thought about it for a fraction of a second before nodding.
“Okay,” I agreed with a smile. I finished my drink before standing and taking his hand, letting him guide me out to the dance floor.

We hadn’t been on the floor long before he got brave, his hands holding my hips tightly as he pulled me close. I felt bolder myself as I continued to flirt, moving my body against his. Between the lights and all the bodies pressed close together, I could feel my body temperature rising rapidly, my light gauzy shirt clung to me.
“I’m Randy, by the way,” the tall stranger said huskily in my ear, grinding against me.
“I’m Monica,” I told him as he slid his hand up the side of my thigh up to the edge of my dark blue mini.
“Well, Monica, what do you say we go check out those bathroom’s in the back?” he asked, nibbling my neck. I could feel the growing bulge in his dark jeans.
“Lead the way,”

The club only had one bathroom and as soon as Randy had me inside and had the door locked, he pushed me up against the wall, kissing me almost violently. His hands began exploring my body, finding their way under my thin shirt in no time.  
He moaned as his large hands slid up my taunt tummy, finding my breasts incased in just a lace bra. I shivered under his touch as his fingers left a trail of electricity in their wake as he moved his assault from my mouth my neck where he kissed and sucked.
I ran my hands up his chest, making quick work of the buttons running down his shirt sliding it off his broad shoulders and down his arms. His chest was muscular and golden even though it was winter.
He pulled my shirt over my head, dropping it to join his. He made short work of my bra and brought his mouth down on my breast.
The next thing I knew we had finished stripping each other. His cock was large and hard as he stepped towards me. What followed was quiet possibly the best sex I had ever had.

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