Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Forbidden Crush Part 1

Today we have a new author joining the Trysters.  Please welcome Samantha Kay.
Get ready for a steamy hot story that will melt your heart as well as the ice outside your door. 
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Forbidden Crush, Part 1
By Samantha Kay

“I don’t have time for this.” Jamie spat as he opened the front door. “I need to get to work.”
As he charged down the path towards his car, feeling flustered, sweaty and shaky, he heard Laurie shout at him from the doorway.

“No, you never fucking do!”
“Whatever.” He muttered to himself, before slumping behind the wheel.  Jamie wasn’t a lover of drama, but Laurie seemed to relish in it, always finding a reason to cause an argument.
Despite his trembling hands he managed to spark a cigarette up, before starting up the car to head to work.

While sitting in traffic, Jamie peered up to see the clouds overlapping in the sky, churning into shades of grey, trying to work up a storm. His mind began to wonder, thinking back at when he and Laurie had a relationship others actually admired. They were best friends, who shared the same sense of humour, and the intimacy between them was idyllic –affectionate, comfortable and most importantly, exciting.
He missed those days.  When had things turned so sour?


Darren paced up and down outside Jamie’s office; he’d never met Jamie before, but had been assigned to work with him on a project starting today.  It wasn’t a decision he was happy with, he’d heard that Jamie was only 23 and was someone all the women in the building enjoyed flirting with. Karen, his colleague, liked to point out all too often that Jamie was ‘a tanned slender beauty’. 

So Darren had already assumed Jamie to be a cock-sure naïve idiot. But that was classic Darren; he was what others called ‘a typical bloke’ due to being stubborn and not one to take any shit off anyone. He was also popular at work though, for his kindness, charm and sense of humour. The women at work would attempt to flirt with him, despite knowing full well he was gay, and Darren would happily play along, enjoying the attention and the banter.  Darren spun around when he heard a lock being turned; the speed at which he did slightly alarmed Jamie who had his key in the door.

As Jamie stood there looking puzzled, Darren suddenly choked on his own spit as he forgot to swallow.  He hadn’t expected Jamie to be quite so… well, the only word he could apply was beautiful. His high cheekbones accented his captivating dark brown eyes; eyes that hit Darren straight in the heart. They were intense, and gleamed with just the right mix of curiosity and mischief, and suited his tanned complexion and dark blonde hair perfectly.

“You’re late!” Darren quickly barked at him, trying to make up for the sudden lapse in concentration.

“I know, sorry.” Jamie sighed, sounding emotionally defeated. “I take it you’re Darren? For the marketing project?”

He nodded, surprised at the concern he felt when he saw the sadness in Jamie’s eyes.
“Come on then, I’ve got a copy of the draft plan from Richard to show you.”

Jamie opened up the door to his office, and went straight to his desk to pick up the project folder and passed it to Darren, who was just closing the door behind them. As Jamie returned to his desk to log in to his laptop, Darren took a quick glance around the room, noticing the similarities of it to his own office. The large desk at the end of the room, with just a laptop, lamp, and a pile of paperwork on top of it, and then the three filing cabinets at each side of the door. The décor was identical, carpet with interlacing colours of creams and browns, and the walls painted off-white.

“Sorry, I’ll be with you in a minute, just need to quickly check my email.” Jamie murmured; he was feeling far from motivated. He was usually a bit chirpier than this, but his problems with Laurie were weighing heavily on his mind.

Darren opened up the folder and flicked through it half-heartedly, he couldn’t focus like this, he needed to get sat down with Jamie’s full attention so they could discuss the ideas properly. “Don’t worry about it. When you’re done we’ll go grab a coffee and go through it.”

Darren’s eyes then slowly crept up from the paper to peer at Jamie, who looked deep in concentration at the computer screen. His chest began throbbing, almost painfully, as he stared hard at the mesmerising irises. He wasn’t purposely staring though, he just couldn’t get enough of them, they were so god dam beautiful.

“Sorry.” He said as he quickly diverted his gaze, when Jamie’s eyes suddenly met his. His cheeks began to burn and his skin had gone a little clammy, probably from the over-active heart in his ribcage surging too much hot blood through his veins.

Jamie soon picked up on Darren’s awkwardness, and the corner of his mouth slowly curled up, forming what can only be described as a teasing smile.

“Are you, are you blushing?” He said with the devilish grin, as he rose from his seat and closed his laptop.

“As if!” He hit back defensively, his tone confirming he had definitely been blushing. Darren mentally slapped himself for sounding so juvenile.

Jamie chuckled softly before leaving his desk. He walked past Darren and ushered for him to follow him out of the office, but he didn’t notice the tension Darren’s body was riddled with, and the fact his breath was caught as he was overwhelmed with feeling Jamie’s arm lightly –and accidently- brush against his, injecting a jolt of electricity into his muscles.

They left the office, and as Jamie locked the door behind them, Darren kept telling himself that there was no way he could fancy Jamie as he was far from his usual type. Darren usually went for men his own age, who were muscular and rugged looking, not for someone like Jamie, who in Darren’s eyes was a ‘classic twink’ –young, slim and cute.

Did I really just refer to him as cute? Darren began feeling more and more irritated with himself for taking so much notice of the young lad he was to be working with.

“Shall we go to the canteen then? Get a coffee and go through the project?” Jamie asked with a warm and friendly smile.

Fuck, he is cute.  Darren nodded in reply to Jamie, and as they set off walking, Darren kept pondering the thought of starting some small talk. Though by the time he decided to ask him how he found working at QRSA, he was interrupted by Jamie starting conversation first.

“Darren I’ll apologise now for my head not really being in the game. I’m having a few personal problems to be honest, but just tell me if I’m not contributing enough, ok?”

An ‘aw’ nearly escaped Darren’s lips, but he managed to stop himself before sounding like a school girl who had just seen a puppy. He cleared his throat before giving a more appropriate response. “Don’t worry about it. I’m sure I’ll manage if you need to take a step back.”

“Cheers Darren.” Jamie spoke softly, his mind clearly elsewhere. “Go sit down and I’ll bring the coffee’s over. Take milk or sugar?”

Darren offered him a sympathetic smile, and then told him he just took milk before going and sitting down at a table in the corner of the canteen. It was a large modern room, with only a handful of people scattered about the place on laptops or reading newspapers. It was quite peaceful, so Darren was hoping he’d be able to concentrate. They’d wasted enough time already, so he couldn’t afford anymore distractions.


A few hours later they were still in the canteen, sipping coffee and bouncing ideas off one another about how to tackle the project they’d been assigned.

“Actually, I’m ready to take a break from this to be honest.” Jamie sighed, as a deep ache descended across his forehead. He rubbed at the pain as he closed his eyes for a few moments. “I’m getting tired.”

Darren responded by collecting up the notes they’d made and putting them in the folder before shutting it. “No problem.” He smiled.  He didn’t begrudge taking a break, they’d worked pretty hard for a good four hours. Jamie had impressed him with his ideas and opinions; he seemed to really know his stuff. He found that he respected the guy; finding him professional, smart and mature.
There was also no denying that he found Jamie hot. They sat opposite each other at the table, and every time Darren had felt his foot touch Jamie’s his heart juddered nervously. He also had to keep forcing himself not to stare at him when he wasn’t looking, but he just couldn’t get enough of his beautiful face, and he found it so cute when Jamie would bite on his tongue while concentrating.

As they both sat back finishing what was now their third coffee, Jamie’s mind was wondering back to Laurie. He wanted to keep her out of his thoughts but there was no doubt he was still upset about the mornings events. She’d snapped at something so trivial, and in minutes it had escalated into a full blown row, insults and all.
“You ok?” Darren asked, as he could see Jamie’s eyes had moistened.

“Yeah.” Jamie said, forcing himself out of his dazed state. “Sorry. Erm, I’m gonna get going back to my office. We’ll continue this later on, yeah? Wanna meet about four-ish or something?”

Darren nodded, and so Jamie got up and picked up the project folder to take with him. Darren then watched on dreamily as Jamie walked across the canteen, leaving through the big double doors. His ass looks so perfect in his work suit…

To be continued…