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Cupid's Arrow Part Four

Thank goodness, it’s Friday once again. I hope you all had a great week. This is the final installment for Cupid’s Arrow. Thank you for joining me on another short story journey. ~ © Misty Harvey 2013

Cupid’s Arrow

Part Four

Caleb sat at the table. He adjusted his tie. Women sure took a long time to freshen up. He thought. The waiter had already made an appearance for their order. Just as soon as the man had rushed off to place it, he noticed the glances from other patrons. It was a look of pity. He’d been at the table too long by himself. They seriously thought he was dining alone.

He pulled out the Cupid’s arrow setting it on the table. His white napkin covered most of the shaft of the arrow. She should be returning from the bathroom soon, which would mean he had little time to devise a plan.

The sound of shattering dishes echoed in the dining hall. Caleb placed his hand on the table. His body rotating at the hips to see what had happened. The waiter was embarrassed, hurrying to try to clean up the mess. Everyone gawked at younger man for a time, before turning back to his or her previous conversations.

“How dare you?” A woman squawked from next to the table. Caleb turned back in time to catch the woman’s purse across his right cheek. His head snapped in the opposite direction.

She rushed off toward an accompanying man. Her movements fluttered. Caleb only heard a glimpse of the conversation. She was accusing him of pinching her behind. He looked confused for only a moment before the larger man was at his table.

Caleb choked as the tie pressed into his Adam’s apple. His own feet barely touched the ground. The beefy man had lifted Caleb up to meet his eyes.

“That is my wife you put your paws on.” He growled in Caleb’s face. His breath had the stench of old cigars, and whiskey. Caleb was sure he was about to die. Still confused on what exactly had happened, he was relieved when the rounded woman came back.

“Don’t mind him, Baby. Let’s go home.” She put her hand on her husband’s chest. The tomato red man glanced at his wife. Caleb thought if something didn’t change soon the man would have a heart attack right there. His blood pressure had to be sky rocketing.

Caleb fell back against the table. Dishes shattered drawing more attention to them. He’d tried to catch himself, but the satin table cloth had made that impossible. The chair spilled to the floor and Caleb with it.

He watched the back half of the couple exiting the restaurant. Caleb righted himself, and placed his chair back. The arrow was gone. A quick search of the area turned up empty.

Caleb smacked himself in the forehead. She’d hadn’t been pinched, but rather stuck with Cupid’s arrow. He groaned as Nora returned to the table.

She had a hand on her mouth. Caleb knew this was going to be a bust. He waited for her screaming, but instead she was giggling. She was laughing at him. At the situation, she’d just witnessed from across the room.

“Oh wow, she clocked you hard.” Nora snorted which caused her to laugh harder. “Let’s get out of here before the management gets here.” She linked her arm in Caleb’s escorting him out of the building.

“I don’t even know what happened.” Caleb rubbed his cheek. The skin throbbing. “What in the world do you women carry in your purses? Bricks?”

“More or less.” Nora grinned as she walked next to him. Caleb felt the rain soaking his clothes. He cursed himself for not thinking of an umbrella, but Nora didn’t seem to be minding. She, of course, was still laughing at him.

“I’ll hail a cab.” Caleb stepped closer to the curb. He turned his body outward, and waved at the bright yellow vehicle. The taxi hit the puddle without even slowing down. Caleb blinked, the water dripping off the tip of his nose. This was not going to be his day again.

Nora folded herself in half. Her arms clutched to her sides. Laughter spilled from her lips as people stopped to see what was going on.

Caleb stood there blinking. Twice he’d managed to get soaked by an inconsiderate driver. He turned toward Nora. He’d give her some credit she was trying to hold it in now.

“Come on, I live only a few blocks from here.” Nora choked on the words. The laughter only barely contained. She linked her fingers with his, holding her clutch above her head to try to stop some of the rain.

Nora ran down the road, dragging him behind her. Caleb jogged to keep up with her. They came to a stop in front of a townhouse. She was already digging her keys out. Caleb stood on the porch as she unlocked the door.

“Well, it was an interesting night.” Caleb spoke rocking on his feet. Nora nodded her head.

“It always is with you, Caleb.” She giggled. “Now come on, let’s get some ice on that cheek.” Nora led him into the house. She turned on the lights, heading for the kitchen.

Caleb followed her into the dining room. He stripped off his suit jacket laying it on the back of a chair. Nora set her clutch on the table. She returned with a bag of ice.

Her body slid in against Caleb’s so she could place the ice pack on his cheek. Caleb swallowed hard. His heart raced at having her so close.

She smelled like clean air, but a hint of her perfume still lingered. It was the scent of Jasmine. He remembered it well from his childhood. A friend of his parents used to wear it all the time.

“You look like a drowned rat.” Caleb said tugging on a wet strand of her hair. She gave him a grin that lit her eyes.

“And you look like a free advertisement for a purse company.” Nora giggled. “She clocked you hard enough I can tell you what brand of purse she was carrying.” She spoke seeing the indentation of the metal clasp.

Caleb held onto her hips while she nursed his cheek. He looked up at her, and they both started to laugh. Nora snorted again, which only made the laughter worse.

“Nora, I need to confess something.” His voice was low. Her hand slowly drifted from his cheek, taking the ice pack with it. She looked down at him, a more somber look on her face.

It was the sparkle of delight in her eyes. Something about that one little sparkle triggered a memory. Two children playing on a yacht flashed through his mind. They were the children. Well I’ll be damned. Caleb thought.

The memory faded as Nora leaned down and kissed his lips. His hands tightened slightly on her trim hips. The kiss was soft, but quickly grew more passionate.

“Fire the arrow now.” Devin spoke as he stood next to the new Cupid trainee. The arrow sailed through the air piercing the skin of Nora’s behind.

“Got her.” The male said. Devin clapped him on the shoulder.

“Great shot, and that is why you always read all the information I give you.” Devin instructed him. “Caleb could have saved himself weeks if he’d only taken the time.” The two smiled at each other before disappearing.

“Did you just pinch me?” Nora’s eyebrow rose. She was rubbing at her butt cheek.

“And what if I did?” Caleb gave her a cheesy grin. Nora beamed back at him, before kissing her.

Thank you all for joining me during this Tantalizing Tryst giveaway run. I hope you all enjoyed Cupid’s Arrow. If you missed a part you can find the link below. May all your fantasies come true this Valentine season.


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