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Forbidden Crush Part 2

Did you enjoy Samantha's debut? Things are heating up between Jaime and Darren, and with Jaime's dificulties with Lauren, well . . . find out for yourself.

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Forbidden Crush Part 2
By Samantha Kay

“No I don’t fancy him!” Darren laughed down the phone to his colleague and good friend Karen. “I just said he wasn’t as I expected!”

“Of course,” she teased in reply. “But you’re forgetting that I know you too well, Daz!”

“Haha, whatever!” He scoffed just as he heard a knock on the door. “Anyway I better go, someone’s here.”

“Ok, later Daz.”

Oh, how he loved Karen. Darren had gone back to his office after Jamie left the canteen and after he’d finished some paperwork he couldn’t resist giving Karen a call about how the morning had been.
He hung up and quickly brushed his fingers through his hair before calling whoever - it - was in. He knew it was likely to be a colleague, as he had no appointments scheduled.

When Jamie walked in Darren quickly checked the clock to make sure he hadn’t missed their arrangement to meet at four. It was only three thirty. “Everything ok?” He asked him.

Jamie stared blankly at Darren for a few moments, looking lost in his own mind. He was in fact trying to control himself; nerves were firing through his body in Darren’s presence. His mind was no longer focused on the problems he and Laurie were having, as they’d talked, and Jamie was going to spend a few hours at work that evening, to get some space away from her if nothing else.

So now Jamie could really appreciate Darren: especially how striking his appearance was. Darren was tall with broad shoulders, and had a nice muscular body –though he wasn’t too heavily built. He was masculine with a rugged look, with his five o’ clock shadow and short dark hair which was styled to look effortless.

Jamie couldn’t quite understand why his heart was racing as he took in Darren’s features, but he was ignoring the small voice in the back of his head telling him he found Darren attractive. Jamie also found Darren quite intimidating; he’d heard some great things about him, especially about how well respected he was and how great he was at his job. He had a desire to get to know him more, to see what everyone else did. He eventually found his voice, though he stumbled on his words.  “Erm, sorry, was just going to say I can’t meet at four, I have a meeting I now need to go to. I’m staying late tonight though, so I’m gonna go through our project some more then. I’ll check in with you in the morning?”

Darren, without thinking; more instinctively, saw an awesome opportunity –and embraced it.
“Well, I’ll stay behind with you if you like? We’ll try and make a decision on setting the objectives?”

“Oh,” Jamie felt a little stunned at the offer, though he appreciated it. “Sure, that’d be great, you sure?”

“Yeah of course.” Darren replied with a warm smile. “What time shall I make my way to your office?”

Jamie flashed an infectious smile, which Darren thought looked adorable.  “About six ok?”

“Six is great.” He grinned, still nursing the excitement in his body from admiring Jamie’s cuteness.
Jamie left the room and as soon as the door closed behind him Darren exhaled deeply, not realising he’d been choking in so much breath. Fuck I feel like a giddy schoolgirl, why is he so god dam cute!


Six o’ clock sharp Darren was knocking on Jamie’s office door.  His breath caught for a moment when he heard Jamie’s soft and slightly husky voice telling him to come in. Damn, he even sounds gorgeous!

Darren walked in, while steadying two take-out coffees in one hand. “Hey, thought you could probably do with some caffeine.”

“Aw thanks.” Jamie smiled, as he shut his laptop and went over to Darren to grab one of the warm paper cups. “How you doing?”

“Good thanks, yourself?” He said as he cautiously took a sip of his hot coffee.

“Yeah, better than I was this morning!” He chuckled. “So how come you’re ok with staying late at work? Don’t you have a family to go home to?”

“Ha! Was the assumption I had a ‘family’ anything to do with my age by any chance?” Darren laughed, flashing Jamie a glimpse of his good humour. “Cos I’m only 29 –not that old” He winked.

As Jamie laughed he felt himself blush.

“Sorry.” Jamie grinned. “Do you at least have a girlfriend to go home to then?”

Darren laughed again at another of Jamie’s assumptions, surprised he hadn’t heard already that he was gay, but they did work in different departments. Even though Darren was open about being gay, he tensed a little in apprehension before admitting it. “Well, actually I’m gay. But I don’t have a boyfriend to go home to.” Darren continued to smile, especially as he enjoyed Jamie’s reaction.

“Oh, erm, sorry, I didn’t know.” He stammered awkwardly, his cheeks hot. Jamie’s heart also jumped a little, but he couldn’t quite comprehend why.

“Don’t sweat it. You have a girl –or boy- friend to go home to?”

“Er, kinda.” Jamie muttered uncomfortably, before heading back to his desk. He put the cup down and picked up the project folder. “Guess we should make a start on this.”

Darren was a little taken back by Jamie’s odd response, though mainly questioning why he appeared to suddenly feel awkward about it. Shrugging it off, he continued with professionalism. “Yeah, sure.” He said as he took a seat at the desk just as Jamie sat behind it.

Facing each other, Darren could feel heat spreading across his body, feeling nervous in Jamie’s presence, especially as his gaze found its way onto Jamie’s neck. It then wondered down, taking in the tiny bit of smooth chest showing as Jamie had a couple of buttons unfastened, causing an all too familiar pulse in his cock. Fuck, now isn’t the time to get turned on.

Once Jamie had opened up their folder, he looked across at Darren who he noticed was staring at his chest, his mouth gaping open slightly.

“What you doing?” Jamie questioned, feeling a tad self-conscious.

Snapping out of his daze Darren replied too quickly, not thinking before speaking. “Day dreaming –no, I mean, erm. Just thinking –about the project.” He blushed.

Jamie raised his eyebrow as his mouth curled up into that teasing grin of his.  “Ah ha, of course you were!”

“Behave.” Darren tried to say dismissively, while forcing back a laugh.


The next hour had gone by fast with both Jamie and Darren enjoying each other’s company -though maybe a little too much.

“Gotta admit, I’m impressed,” Darren said with an element of defeat in his voice. “I thought I’d be carrying you in this project.”

“Oh really?” Jamie said, tilting his head to the side as he raised his eyebrow at him. “Did that assumption have anything to do with my age then Darren?”

A laugh suddenly emerged from Darren at Jamie’s remark, he was now impressed with his wit too.
“Ha, guess I’m just as bad as you then!”

Jamie chuckled. “Completely!”

Darren grinned, loving Jamie’s sense of humour. Still laughing Jamie quickly glanced at the clock, before looking back at Darren; his gaze taking a mischievous glimpse of his shirt hugging his chest nicely. “Actually, you wanna take five from this? I wouldn’t mind going for a cig.”

“You smoke? Oh I’m so disappointed in you.” Darren teased. “A pretty boy like you shouldn’t smoke.”

“Boy? I’m twenty three you know, I’m all grown up!” Jamie retorted, with a noticeable twinkle in his eye.

“Ha, but you admit you’re pretty then?” Darren winked.

Jamie couldn’t deny he was feeling something; Darren was making his heart jump, his stomach feel funny and his cheeks continuously blush. The only other person who had ever had such an impact like this was Laurie, so feeling this way freaked him out a little. Jamie got up and stretched, bringing his arms up above his head.

Darren soon spotted Jamie’s shirt, which had become untucked, rising and exposing a little bit of the smooth flesh beneath it. Darren instinctively spread his legs apart slightly, enjoying the sudden pang of arousal in his groin as he began staring -and admiring- again.

Jamie picked up on Darren taking a good look, and so when he’d finished stretching, he slowly walked over to him. His tone lowered as he spoke, inadvertently sounding seductive.

“You need to stop checking me out, it’s so unprofessional.” Holy fuck, did I just try and flirt just then? No because this isn’t attraction I’m feeling, he’s just good company, just a nice guy…

Darren, fully aware he was pushing the boundaries of their very new friendship, spun his chair so he was facing Jamie, and slowly reached a hand out to brush it down his thigh as he flirted back. “You need to start dressing yourself properly then, don’t you.” He said playfully with a smile, tilting his head at him suggestively.

Jamie’s breath was caught, as his cock was suddenly jolted with an intense sensation of excitement.
Jamie quickly stepped back, a little flustered and struggling to speak –and think- clearly. “Erm I’m, for a cig. Off for a cig, I’m off for a cig.” Jamie stammered, his face feeling red raw as he made a quick exit.

“Wait, I’m sorry.” Darren called after him, rising to his feet, but Jamie ignored him and shut the door as he left.


Downstairs out in the fresh air smoking a cigarette, Jamie was telling himself off for playing along with Darren, for allowing them to get into the little situation he had just escaped.
Why the fuck did I do that, why the fuck did I lead him on like that. Why did I like it? Probably because I haven’t had it in a while, it doesn’t mean anything. It can’t mean anything. It can’t.

To be continued…

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