Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Over The Air Affair Pt 3

How do you keep the passion in a relationship?  It's hard enough when you're with each other, but even more difficult when one of you is on the other side of the globe.  Bree and Derek are at a point in their relationship where it's either make it or break it.  what do you think will happen with the young couple?  Tune in and find out!

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Over The Air Affair
Pt 3
by Ellie Mack

From: Derek Readnor 01/04/13
Subject: Hi babe!
Attachments: 5
Hi baby! God I miss you. It was another balls to the walls day. The production lines were completely shut down for most of the day and we had to stay until they were running. It’s almost 9 pm here, I know you thought I forgot about you but I didn’t. It’s just insane.
One good thing – I’m putting quite a chunk of money away., maybe we can take a nice vacation together.   Not much to do here when I’m working 12 – 14 hours in a day. They are even talking now that we may be working on Saturdays as well. I just don’t know – I need some rest. I’m constantly exhausted and can’t think.
If possible I’ll skype you tomorrow. It depends on what the supervisor says in the morning. If we have to go in then I will email you. I attached some photos of my room and the hotel. The last one is the group at breakfast.
I hope everything is going ok with you baby. Love you. D (Is there meant to be some repetition in this e-mail?)

                             ~*~                                    ~*~                                            ~*~

Bree read the short email. Her shoulders slumped in disappointment. She knew it wasn’t personal, but she really wanted to hear his voice this morning.   Clicking through the photos, she smiled until she came to the last one.  Derek had spoken before about the lady on his team.  He failed to mention that she ws a knock out.  Bree felt jealousy rise inside her as she examined the photo closely, noticing that the lady seemed to be looking at Derek with more than a coworkers interest.  If she wasn't mistaken, this Andrea was blatantly flirting with Derek. She sat back crossing her arms, her lips pursed in a scowl.  Suddenly, her holding out on him and not being completely open with him seemed a very dangerous nad stupid move on her part.
He was 12 hours ahead of her and as she was waking he was going to bed.
She closed out the email and set her phone on the nightstand. It was time to get ready for work anyway. Today was a department luncheon and casual Friday. She planned to wear her new jeans and top she bought to meet Derek at the airport in, see if she got any reactions from the guys. If not, maybe she'd buy herself something a little sexier to greet Derek in.  Based on the photo with Andrea she just hoped she wasn't too late.
Perhaps she would take Pris up on her offer for movie and pizza night.

                            ~*~                                    ~*~                                           ~*~

From: Derek Readnor 01/05/13
Subject: Love You!
Attachments: 4
Well, they only made us work part of the day. We figured out what the hang up was, so they got production back up and running. What a relief that was.
The department manager and his wife took our group to Tong Li – which translates Water Town. It’s a 14th century town – and some of the buildings are still there. Some of it is new, but most are really super old. Instead of streets they have canals. We saw some of the fishermen using those birds to dive for fish. That was interesting. Then we went to this restaurant that the manager said was the best in
the Pudong province. Maybe it was because I was so hungry, but it was very good. We had a hotpot. It was interesting.
Tomorrow, the group is going to Tiger Hill, a memorial for some emperor or something. When I get back I will give you a skype call.
China isn’t anything like I expected.
Cant’ wait to get back and hold you in my arms babe.

  Miss you. D

                     ~*~                                       ~*~                                           ~*~

Bree was glad that Pris stayed over. At least she’d have someone to help her take her mind off Derek. They spent a lazy morning in their pjs, sipping their coffee before deciding their course of action.
They walked down to the market, giggling over their indulgent food choices and the silly movies they were going to watch. As they walked back through the park, they discussed their relationships with the men in their lives.
Pris liked her freedom. She enjoyed her position of being able to accept a date, without actually being in a relationship. Still gutted over Brendan’s two timing, she was reluctant to let anyone back into that part of her life.
She shared her feelings about Derek. She opened up about how she’d been holding back on him, how she’d been afraid to give in to her passions. Afraid that if she acted on the passion that he stirred in her he'd think she was a slut and leave her.

Once back at Bree’s apartment the two friends enjoyed the conversations, the delicious foods, and the decadent desserts they’d purchased. After the movie, Pris decided a little playtime was necessary.

“Bree, you can’t expect Derek to stick around if you’re holding out on him, and you can’t get all tied up in knots worrying or you won’t enjoy it."  She moved closer to Bree, sliding her hands up her thigh. “You were never uptight when we played."
Bree blushed. “No, because I feel relaxed with you. We’ve been friends forever.” She shrugged. “I don’t know, it just all seemed such a natural progression with us, I never worried."

Pris grinned leaning in to kiss her friend. “I think, maybe you just haven’t had a good orgasm in so long you’ve forgotten how.”

“Nu-uh, I know how. It’s just, well, I do when I take care of it anyway.” She blushed, as Pris closed her mouth over her own. She was well awarte that if she gave in to her desires for Derek fully, it would be better than anything she'd experienced before.  He made her feel insatiable and that's what worried her.

It was a slow, lazy, provocative kiss. She felt heat spreading immediately. She wondered why her reaction to Derek wasn’t as immediatelately. When they came up for air, she asked. “Why do you suppose I don’t have an immediate reaction for Derek?”

Pris nibbled her neck, easing down over Bree’s body caressing her nipple lightly through the thin cotton tee. “Because you know I’m always here and I’m not going to reject you."
“Mmmm.” She was covered with goosebumps, wet and ready. “You know, you just may have something there. Do I need to pay for this counseling session?”

Pris looked up her best friend and grinned. “Oh, you’re gonna pay alright. I have a special price for you.”

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